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From "Anthony Browne" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Proxying requests not on MyMachine
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 20:08:29 GMT
I want to use Apache to implement this scenario: Client -> MyMachine (with
static content + cache, back to client if request here) -> Remote Server ->
MyMachine (remote content in MyCache, if applicable) -> Client.


Currently, I use this configuration-


RewriteEngine On  

RewriteMap lowercase int:tolower

RewriteCond  %{REQUEST_URI}  !^/error/          

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /webcontent/${lowercase:%{SERVER_NAME}}/$1 



RewriteCond  %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_FILENAME}index.htm  -s 

RewriteRule  ^/(.*)$ - [S=3]



RewriteRule  ^/(.*)$ - [S=2]



RewriteCond  %{SERVER_PORT}  !443 

RewriteRule  ^(.*)$   [P,S=1]



RewriteCond  %{SERVER_PORT}  443 

RewriteRule  ^(.*)$  [P]


RewriteLog logs/rewriteLog

RewriteLogLevel 9


      The problem is that if either of the last two rewrite rules apply, the
request for remote content is proxied with the [P] flag (mod_rewrite?,
ProxyPass?) which does not proxy basic, NTLM, or ssl authentication.
Authentication works fine if I simply use 'ProxyRequests On,' but then the
rewrites are proxied too. How can I proxy in the same manner as
'ProxyRequests On' and still use the Rewrite module?


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