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From "Michael Avila" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache 2 on a CD/DVD
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 20:04:17 GMT
What I want to do:
I am wanting to put Apache 2 on a CD/DVD and start it when the CD/DVD is
inserted in the drive. This is part of a distribution CD/DVD to police and
fire depts with information about people in the community who will be part
of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer organization and
could be distributed monthly depending upon changes during the month.
Currently this will only be for my community but I will eventually make it
available to any CERT organization in the US for free. That is why I will
not know what environment is on the laptop/desktop except knowing it will be
Windows XP. Could be any combination of applications, languages, and
versions of the components.

Windows XP/XP Pro/and newer
Apache may or may not already exist on laptop/desktop

It is my understanding that Apache can have multiple instances on a
computer. I would like to install Apache on a CD/DVD and have it start up
via command file when the CD/DVD starts up. I will not know the environment
of all laptops/desktops that the CD/DVD is run on.

I would also be starting up MySQL. The database will contain authorized
people to help police and fire depts at disaster sites and other incidents.
It will contain pictures, skills, and other information. Badges will be
printed out on site for a specific incident.

The CD/DVD will be distributed monthly depending upon the changes during the

1) Is this possible.

2) If so, please provide a hint of where to look for the answer or what to
do. (I am new to Apache.)

3a) Can I have multiple instances of PHP 4.3 and higher on a laptop/desktop?

3b) Can they be different versions? 
3c) How do I point the newly started Apache 2 to the PHP on the CD/DVD?

4) If someone is familiar with MySQL, how can I start a second instance in
memory of the MySQL database? (If no one knows, I will post to MySQL mailing

Thank you in advance.


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