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Subject [users@httpd] Using apache as proxy with another Apache and JBoss
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 16:04:18 GMT

One of our J2EE applications is running on JBoss/Tomcat server and all the 
requests are coming  from Apache using JK connector. The OS is RedHat EL 

The application is very reach in multimedia content which is stored as 
BLOB objects in an Oracle database. Because of them the database is 40 GB 
big and growing. Initially the application would load the BLOB objects on 
request into the memory and cache them. Unfortunately it would consume 
lots of memory (up to 2 GB) when the number of users increases or the 
users would start requesting more and more multimedia content (Flas, 
movie, audio etc files). 

Squid was introduced to the configuration as external cache and managed to 
increase the performance and scalability of the application. Up to some 
point. Even with Squid enabled the application doesn't scale well.

We are looking now into different approaches to off-load the BLOB objects 
from the SQL server into the file system served by Apache. That would 
reduce the database size to probably few hundred MB and increase the 
response times from the SQL server. The idea is to keep the multimedia 
content out of the application/JBoss  memory space. In this scenario one 
Apache web server would work as proxy and serve the multimedia files from 
the file system located on the same box. All other apache servers would 
access this proxy when multimedia content would be requested and send the 
rest of the requests to the application on JBoss.

The only obstacle we have is how to make sure that only authenticated 
users have access to the multimedia files. Any ideas?


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