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From "Jason Younker" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Vhosts not working like expected
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 17:08:20 GMT
I have a home setup running apache 1.3, mod_perl 1.29 & mason 1.26. All was
happy until a few nights ago when I changed up httpd.conf to use named based
virtual hosts. The good news is that it works (works being that apache will
serve any of the 3 sites given a set of circumstances). The problem is this,
and hang in there with me while I explain: I have 3 sites which I will refer
to as, site.two and site.three. If I restart everything, I get a
properly displayed, but site.two shows a blank page and site.three
displays a mason error saying it cannot find a mandatory method (this method
*is* in the appropriate index.html file, it just seems it cannot be found). 
I look at
the logs and nothing odd shows up for two and three, it just appears that
the files cannot be read. So, I go in, open the index page for size two, put
in a new line, save it and refresh my site.two browser page (tested in both
firefix and netscape7.2 on rhel3); it works!
However, now I go back to site one, which previously displayed properly, and
now it is a totally blank page exactly like site two was before I made the
small edit. I edit site.three's index (again by placing an simple newline 
and saving)
and now site three displays properly and site one and two are showing blank
pages. In short, I can only view one site at a time b/c the only page that
will now display is the last modified file.

Of note here is that for site.three, there is a syshandler in the doc root
which defines some things, among them a mandatory method for any .html page.
If I do not have this method in a file, it will die saying something like
"cannot find method....". My point is that if I modify, I then get
a mason error for site.three's home page. This means that it can read the
syshandler for site.three, but not the index.html file. At least that is
what I have gleaned from beating my head against this wall.

[ reply from another list posting ]
>is it a mason problem- i.e., can you see a nonmason 'hello world'

well, this is interesting. Here is what I did to answer your question:

First, I created a strictly html test.html page in the root of each site. As
I created each page, I opened a new tab and verified that it showed
correctly. The output of the test page was "<SiteX> Test Page" where SiteX
is one, two or three. Note, for site three (the one which, due to the
overall design, must have a specific method in the file) I included the
following: <%flags> inherit => undef </%flags>

Next, I went back to each tab and refreshed (w/o using any cache of course),
and all 3 showed content (as where before two of the three would be blank).
However, the content was the exact same for all 3, that of the final file I
modified. I closed out of all the files, restarted apache, and it persists.

I then did the same thing in reverse (edit site three, two, one) and the
same thing happened, almost. Site two showed the last modified files
contents, and site three threw a mason error (which is what it would do if
reading site one's test file).

So, to answer your question, after that little test, I would maybe have to
say no, it is not a mason problem. It almost appears as though apache is
using the last modified file as the doc root?

[and now I find myself here]

I have tried the general perlhacker types, the mason people and now I submit
this issue to the apache community. I have done a bit of homework on this
so if I have not answered a simple question, please remind me I missed some
important information.


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