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From Broming plutonium <>
Subject [users@httpd] An Really off-topic question...
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2005 17:45:06 GMT
Hi! Can I ask a really stupid question?
      I've been using Microsoft Windows for four years, and apart from Apple, it's the only
OS I've used. A few days ago, I went to, made an installation CD from its
image files, and installed FreeBSD on my other computer. Of course, I wasn't at all used to
my computer being a command line prompt. I couldn't do anything with my computer--can't run
programs, can't install programs, can't even connect to the Internet.
      For those of you who have experience with both Windows and FreeBSD, can you please tell
me how to even use FreeBSD? I'm so used to turning on my computer and seeing all the programs
I have very neatly laied out on the desktop. On FreeBSD, do we have to install all the programs
we want--and the OS itself is just like the control center for the programs? How do I install
a program from CD?
      Once I get the Internet connection working, if I want to install Apache, do I download
the version for UNIX, burn in onto a CD, and install the program from the CD? 
       Hope you can help.

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