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From "Daniel Silva" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache Reverse Proxy / Redirect Issue
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 14:09:26 GMT
Hello everybody.  I am new here, was hoping to post a problem I am having, would love to hear
some input.  I've been dealing with this problem for a while now and it's driving me nuts,
haven't been able to find the problem.

I have a gateway server that is running OpenBSD and Apache 2 and is set up with mod_ssl and
mod_proxy.  The only listen port is 443.  I have it configured so that a bunch of requests
are handled by a backend server, running on port 4080.  Something like https://gateway/resourceA
maps to http://backendserver:4080/resourceA.  I have ProxyPass to handle requests, and ProxyPassReverse
to handle the redirects.  However, ProxyPassReverse doesn't seem to be doing it's job, because
redirects are not working properly.

Let me explain what I mean.  Let's say, for example, that resourceA/test1.html redirects in
the backend server to resourceA/test2.html.  When I request https://gateway/resourceA/test1.html,
I would expect to get https://gateway/resourceA/test2.html.  However, instead what happens
is that the redirect generates a request on port 80, or http://gateway/resourceA/test2.html.
 This, of course, times out because my Apache instance on my gateway server is not listening
on port 80, nor is my firewall allowing communication on port 80 to this gateway server.

I tried opening up port 80 on my firewall, listening on port 80, and writing some mod_rewrite
directives to redirect requests on http:// to https://.  This does not work.  The redirect
generated is still for port 80 (it is not getting re-written to https), and of course it can't
find any such resource on the gateway server, so I get a 403 back (which is odd, I would have
expected 404, but I am getting a forbidden HTTP code back).

I suspect this has to do with how I am setting up the servername directive.  Right now I have
it set up as gateway:80 (I am using the actual domain, not the word 'gateway' but the actual
domain is not important).  If I change it to gateway:443, I get a bunch of errors logged that
say "warning: running http over an https port" or something like that.

I don't know if I've said enough to characterize the problem.  I've searched the net and usenet
groups up and down looking for an answer, but I've yet to find a solution.  Please help!!


Daniel A. Silva
Senior Consultant, PlatinumSolutions, Inc.
PH: 703.471.9793 FAX: 703.471.7140

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