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From RICARD Jasmine <>
Subject [users@httpd] Night page
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:23:24 GMT
I'm new with Apache and been able to setup my Virtual host.  I have to
redirect the http to a maintenance page everyday at 6PM and back to normal
production (login htm page) every morning at 8AM.
What is the best way??
Yet I've created a httpd.conf file for production and another one for
maintenance.  I have a script that change the httpd.conf file and then stop
and start apache at 5 seconds interval.
So far everything went well but once, there was a user trying to connect
while my script was running, it did the first part of the script (copy the
httpd.conf file and then stop apache).  The last part of my script is to
start apache with the copied httpd.conf but it just didn't occur, instead I
got a daemon message as follow 
"httpd (pid 1089608) already running"
There was no message in the error_log about apache not being able to start.
Any idea?
Jasmine Ricard
Trainer / IT Tech specialist
Tel:  +1 (514) 874-0202 ext. 3475
Fax: +1 (514) 874-1699 <> 
International Air Transport Association
800, Place Victoria, P.O. Box 113
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4Z 1M1

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