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From Josh Graves <>
Subject [users@httpd] Please Help: could not open error log file
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 20:08:02 GMT
On Mar 16, 2005 10:33 AM, Josh Graves <> wrote:

> I am receiving the error:
> "Apache.exe: could not open error log file <path to log file>" when
> trying
> to start Apache 1.3.33 on a Windows 2K SP4 server.
> If the log file does not exist when apache.exe is executed, it gets
> created,
> but I still get the "could not open" error.
> I confirmed that the user apache is running as has full
> read/list/write/create/delete/modify access to the log directory,
> which is
> located on the same Win 2K box that Apache is running (or trying to
> run) on.
> In fact, since this box is behind a firewall and not available to the
> public, yet, I opened up the log directory to give everyone full
> access to
> it and still received the error.
> I made several attempts to find info on this error in Google Groups,
> Yahoo
> Groups, the mailing list archives, and the web in general, but they
> were all
> fruitless.

I am still receiving this error when I try to run Apache 1.3.33.

At this point I've tried it on a Windows 2K SP4 server and on a Windows
2003 server and with version 1.3.31, but still receive the same error.
Unfortunately, because of some modules I need to include, I have to use
a pre-2.0 version of Apache and I have to use Windows. If I use the
precompiled version for Win32, it works fine. But, I need to compile it
with specific modules for my back-end CRM application. (For those of you
wondering, I also receive the error when I compile Apache without the
CRM modules.)

The exact message is:
fopen: No error
Apache.exe: could not open error log file

I have confirmed that, at the moment, everyone has full access to the
logs directory, so I do not believe permissions are an issue. To
reaffirm that belief, if the error.log file does not exist in the logs
directory when Apache.exe is executed, it gets created there. That alone
would indicate to me that the process has write access to the directory
and that apache is looking in the right place for the error log file.

I'm stuck here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Josh Graves
Systems Administrator
Duluth Trading Company

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