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From Jean-Christophe Montigny <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] HTTP Analyzer?
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 19:32:17 GMT

perhaps you will want to kill me for saying this, but dreamweaver is 
made for that kind of purposes. You have tools in it that tell you when 
links aren't used and I believe it does check for unused files, and it 
gives you the site structure (perhaps not a picture, though)

Try downloading its evaluation version

Mike Muratet wrote:
> Greetings
> This is not strictly a httpd post, so skip on if you wish.
> I am about to do some maintenance on a web site I did not write that
> appears to be hundreds of files of entirely static html. One of the things
> I would like to do is parse the index.html file and follow all the links
> to find all the broken links, all the unused files, and get a graph of the
> site structure. Somebody must have already written such a thing. Does
> anybody know where to get it?
> I've seen (and used) a variety of analyzers you can find on the web, but
> I'm not so much interested in how fast things load or how the site gets
> browsed on average. I am interested in a browser compatibility assessment.
> Anybody have any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Mike 

Jean-Christophe Montigny
Responsable Commission Web, Association Planètes
Responsable serveurs, Association Planètes
Etudiant de deuxième année à Grenoble Ecole de Management

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