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Subject Re: [users@httpd] Only one domain (out of 6) is showing up.
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 15:12:51 GMT
I'm assuming that you're using a Dynamic DNS Service to direct HTTP traffic to your public
IP address associated with your router.  Further, I assume that you've defined forwarders
in your router to direct HTTP traffic to your web server.

My question is, "Where are you running your DNS and is each domain defined there?"  To find
out, try pinging or performing an nslookup of each domain.  If it can't resolve, then your
DNS is not configured for that domain on your internal network hence your problem.

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> I'm running several domains out of my box. Or, at least, trying to. 
> All of them ping to the IP of my DSL router. www.domain2.tld is the 
> only one that actually comes up with a web page. All the rest of them 
> come up either as "The page cannot be displayed" in IE or as "Connection 
> was refused when trying to connect to www.domain1.tld" in Firefox. If 
> all of the domains were not coming up, that would be one thing. But why 
> on earth would one of them work fine and all the rest of them not go 
> through at all?? I'm highly confused. Help in this matter is greatly 
> appreciated! 
> I'm running Apache 2.0.52 on Windows 2000, all the service packs, etc., 
> etc.... My configuration file runs something similar to this: 
> Listen 80 
> NameVirtualHost *:80 
> ServerName www.domain1.tld 
> ServerAlias domain1.tld *.domain1.tld 
> DocumentRoot e:/Apache/Apache2/htdocs/domain1 
> ServerName www.domain2.tld 
> ServerAlias domain2.tld *.domain2.tld 
> DocumentRoot e:/Apache/Apache2/htdocs/domain2 
> ServerName www.domain3.tld 
> ServerAlias domain3.tld *.domain3.tld 
> DocumentRoot e:/Apache/Apache2/htdocs/domain3 
> ....... through domain6.tld. 
> Much thanks! 
> Tyler Young 
> p.s. For the curious, the working domain is, and a 
> few of the non-working domains are,, 
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