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From "Alan Lloyd [Hosting Reserve]" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Authentication Problems
Date Sun, 16 Jan 2005 15:22:17 GMT
Leif W wrote:

> With all the information provided, there is definitly some pieces missing.
> A few things in the httpd.conf file look odd at the very end.
> LoadModule suexec_module modules/
> Include /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.include
> AddType text/html .shtml

Yes there are there for a reason. The reason I did not mention them is 
they are nothing to do with the problem I have.
> First of all, what are the contents of the httpd.include file?  Every 
> time you include external config files, you must think of it all in 
> terms of one big file with everything included recursively (i.e. if that 
> httpd.include file includes yet another something.conf, a scenario I use 
> regularly), because that is how it will appear to Apache.

I know. The contents are fine just the VirtualHosts for my domains.

> Second, it seems odd to have this stray LoadModule at the end.  I am not 
> sure if there is still some importance for the order of module loading.

Again, its not relavant to the problem.

> In any case, it is usually much more helpful when debugging in the 
> future, if all your LoadModules are in a central location, or 
> assosciated with specific conf files and IfModule or IfDefine 
> conditions.  Same for the AddType.  It's easier to keep track of 
> everything when you group them.  It's your choice though.
> Ok, about the error logs, you post one error log, but it may or may not 
> even be the RIGHT error log.  That would appear to be the main server
> error log. 

I DID say that in the original post! There is NO information logged. NOT 
EVEN A SUCESSFULL REQUEST. The log I posted is the ONLY log to contain 
any information with the right timestamp!!!

  It indicates that you have multiple bogus or otherwise
> misconfigured SSL certificates.  I would fix that first to rule out any 
> problems if you're trying to do the basic auth over SSL/TLS.  This may 
> not be critical, as the errors seem to be about Common Name mismatches, 
> which usually only cause browser notifications.  But when you have 
> multiple non-critical errors working together, funky things might happen 
> with no clear culprit.  But that's just my opinion to resolve them though.
> Does that httpd.include file define VirtualHosts, specifically one for 
>  Does it have it's own error and access logs?  You need 
> to post the relevent bits from the relevant log files.

No see above or first post. What is the point of me posting a log with 
no relevant entries??? I am a bit confused as to what you want to see.
> Most importantly, where is the stuff you're trying to put into .htaccess 
> files or Directory blocks?  Just saying "it doesn't work" is useless if 
> you don't say what "it" you're trying to do and what "it" the server is 
> having a problem with.

Again please refer to my first post. I am tring to password protect a 
directory! I think i did a bit more than just say "it doesn't work" I 
explained in as much detail as I could the problem I had.

> And finally, there is absolutely no guarantee that one .htpasswd file 
> will work with another server.  I've used Apache 2, same exact version, 
> to generate htpasswd files on Win32 with MD5 and Linux with crypt, and 
> the two do not always work correctly on each server.  Try using 
> natively-generated .htpasswd file with test username and password, to 
> rule that out as a possible problem.  

Its fine. I have re generated the .htpasswd file quite a few times.

> Though this is NOT where your problem is currently.

Yep i kind of know that much :)

   The symptom of this problem is that you get an
> auth pop up dialog (which you don't even have yet), you give the correct 
> username and password, and Apache tells you it's bad.  First you need to 
> fix the pop up problem, which I think might be caused by a broken 
> .htaccess config.

What do you mean. You go in to lots of detail about stuff that's not 
even relevant. But when it gets down to it nada. Oh well. ;)

The htaccess files syntax is correct. What else is there. If I add any 
other directives they work. Just not authentication.

Thanks for taking the time to look though.


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