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From "Yanbin Ma" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] case insensitive using basic authentication
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 16:33:00 GMT
It seems nobody is interested in my previous question. Can anybody tell me if I should address
this to developer mail list? Thanks!  

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  From: Yanbin Ma 
  Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2005 11:05 PM
  Subject: [users@httpd] case insensitive using basic authentication


  I have recently moved one of our server from a netscape suitespot V3.5 to apache 2.0. Finishing
this was a miracle, considering I am new to apache and my tight schedule in the last month.
However, I am facing one (hopefully last) difficulty here:

  The Netscape server uses a case insenstive DBM based basic authentication. After I switched
to apache, I chose to use file based basic authentication. (again, because of the schedule,
otherwise, I would go a longer way and setup some database/dbm based solution). However, I
found mod_auth in apache 2.0 searches the password file in a case sensitive way. So I thought
since I have all the apache source code, why don't I make a custom mod_auth to search the
file in case insensitive way. 

  So I changed mod_auth.c, it was a simple one line change ( from strcmp() to stricmp()),
then rebuilt the apache. However, the newly built version cannot be started because "mod_auth
cannot be loaded". I thought maybe stricmp() is not a popular function, so I changed the code
again so that it does something like below:
      int i;


      for (i=0;i<strlen(user_str);i++) {
         if (user_str[i] >='A' && user_str[i]<='Z') {
            user_str[i]  += ('a' - 'A');

      if (!strcmp(user_str, str_in_the_file))

  However, it still does not work. I am sure it's not syntax error, otherwise I would have
failed the build. But I can not figure out what else I need to do in addition to change the
code and rebuild.

  Did anybody have experience in this? 

  Yanbin Ma
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