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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd]Curl S/W
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 22:20:12 GMT


> I am trying to read HTTP header and
> in order to do that I need to install and
> understand Curl freeware.

> Just now I downloaded
> C:\unzipped\curl-7.12.3-win32-nossl>curl -I

I see you use Windows,
so you also have at least
two other great options, a
Windows GUI free product
and Windows Scripting.

Next time you are at a different
Windows machine, rememeber
the Windows Scripting way will
always be available to you!

First the Windows GUI product.


A simple HTTP request that
is issued by typing a URL
in the address bar of a
browser might produce multiple
network requests to the target
server running IIS. However,
the user does not see all of
the resulting response data
because the browser does not
display it. WFetch allows you
to fully customize an HTTP request
and send it to a Web server so
that you can see the raw HTTP
request and response data. WFetch
is included in the Internet
Information Services (IIS) 6.0
Resource Kit.


WFetch, IIS 6.0 Technical Reference

HOW TO: Use Wfetch.exe to Troubleshoot HTTP Connections;en-us;284285

WFetch is a GUI product.
To see  a picture, use the
WFetch usage link below.


To observe the raw HTTP
traffic between a browser
and IIS, use WFetch.


Generating an HTTP Request, IIS 6.0 Technical Reference

For more WFetch

Now on to Windows Scripting.


Microsoft Windows HTTP Services
(WinHTTP) provides developers
with an HTTP client application
programming interface (API) to
send requests through the HTTP
protocol to other HTTP servers.

WinHTTP supports desktop client
applications, Windows services,
and Windows server-based applications.


WinHTTP offers both a C/C++
application programming interface
(API) and a Component Object Model
(COM) automation component suitable
for use in Active Server Pages (ASP)
based applications.


Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP)


// Example Code
// The following example shows
// how to open an HTTP connection,
// send an HTTP request, and get
// all of the headers from the response.

// Instantiate a WinHttpRequest object.
var WinHttpReq = new ActiveXObject("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1");

// Initialize an HTTP request.
WinHttpReq.Open("GET", "", false);

// Send the HTTP request.

// Get all response headers.
WScript.Echo( WinHttpReq.GetAllResponseHeaders());


IWinHttpRequest | WinHttpRequest GetAllResponseHeaders(BSTR) method

Save the above script,
as say GetAllHeaders.js
then in a command prompt
window just type:

cscript.exe GetAllHeaders.js

or for a GUI type display type:

wscript.exe GetAllHeaders.js

Full Request info
IWinHttpRequest Interface interface [WinHTTP

Using the WinHttpRequest COM Object [HTTP]

Retrieving Data Using Script

For more WinHttp Windows
Scripting information:*&lr=&hl=en

Both WFetch and WinHttp allow
SSL, Windows Auth and much
much more.

Try both!


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