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From "Leif W" <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0.52, WinXP, Session Cache is not configured
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 22:23:54 GMT
> "Sean T Allen; 2005 January 04 Tuesday 10:48
> In the ssl setup there should be:
> #   Configure the SSL Session Cache: First the mechanism
> #   to use and second the expiring timeout (in seconds).
> #SSLSessionCache        none
> #SSLSessionCache        shmht:/opt/httpd_front/logs/ssl_scache(512000)
> #SSLSessionCache        shmcb:/opt/httpd_front/logs/ssl_scache(512000)
> SSLSessionCache         dbm:/ai/logs/ssl_scache
> SSLSessionCacheTimeout  300
> you need to make sure the SSLSession cache as well as the SSLMutex etc
> are setup
> the first line SSLSessionCache none
> should do you fine...

I want to use SSL, but later on when I have learned to make and use a 
self-signed certificate authority.  I had just been using self-signed 
certificates, but I noticed that the browser would complain about each 
certificate because it wasn't recognized.  There would also be a 
complaint about the serial when I changed the certificate without using 
any CA or certificate database with serials.  I haven't had the time to 
get into the docs to determine the right openssl.conf file changes I 
need to run everything by simply firing off one command (be it a bash 
function or shell script, or horrors - a .bat file).  That's off topic.

So for now I left the default of everything inside the ssl.conf wrapped 
in an IfDefine SSL except the SSLRandomSeed, which must be outside in 
the case of Windows and static mod_ssl.  Actually, this module is 
compiled dynamically.  So I put the LoadModule inside an IfDefine SSL, 
and I no longer get the error message.  I guess with the module being 
loaded, but no -D SSL, the other stuff mentioned above, which was 
already in my ssl.conf, was not initializing the module.  The double 
IfDefine SSL is redundant, so I should probably remove from the ssl.conf 
file, since I'll only load the module if -D SSL is passed.  Better yet 
I'll comment it out and leave a note to remind myself.  :-)

Well, that was incredibly simple after all.  I didn't see it before.


> Leif W wrote:
>> [warn] Init: Session Cache is not configured [hint: SSLSessionCache]
>> Any idea what this error.log message is caused by?  I get it every
>> time I start Apache without -D SSL.  I'm using Hunter's Apache2 with
>> mod_ssl compiled in.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the service with
>> apache -k install.  I start without SSL with apache -k start, and 
>> with
>> SSL with apache -D SSL -k start.  It "seems" to work fine without -D
>> SSL, but I was just curious about this error message.
>> Leif
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