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From "Lea Thurman" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Lost Session Inforrmation From Apache to JBoss/Jetty
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:00:58 GMT
Hi All,
I have been looking at the problem for two weeks now, I have searched
the FAQ's and attempted some speculative fixes but I am very new to
Apache (2 weeks)
I have two applications deployed as two ".ear" files in JBoss-3.0.6
(with integrated Jetty). One application is deployed to the context root
and the other to a context specific for that customer say "/customerA".
In my production I am required to run JBoss/Jetty behind Apache 1.3
(1.3.31 to be precise). I have purchased two domains say <>  and
<>  and pointed these at Apache. I have also
added the following directives in order to route the calls to
<VirtualHost nn.nn.nnn.nn>
ProxyVia On
ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080/customerA/
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8080/customerA/
The problem is that the application deployed to the "/customerA" context
is not working because session information is being lost, the
application deployed to the root context works perfectly. After a little
digging around I noticed that if I access the second application via the
root context say this also works, both also
work if I go directly to JBoss using the ip address.
This led me to think that the issue is with the Apache directives and
the child context. I believe after reading around that the application
deployed to "/customerA" is adding session information which is keyed in
the session on the child context". When the browser then navigates to
the domain <>  it thinks it
does not need to send the session information since it thinks it is not
going to the child context.
I have read a lot about mod_proxies and re-writing cookies but my ISP
insists that the directives above will work since Apache will re-write
the cookie if ProxyVia is on.
Is it possible to run two applications under different contexts and
route to them via Apache without loosing session information and if so
can anyone give me any pointers in the right direction. 
Any help would be much appreciated. 
Lea Thurman.

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