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From Waldo Alvarez Cañizares <>
Subject [users@httpd] AcceptEx is the devil itself
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 22:54:35 GMT
Hi ppl:
I´m having some problems and I think that maybe somebody can help me here.
I´m developing right now an apache module based on the proxy module. I´m building it with
visual studio 2003 (I had to convert the projects and download some extra libs but is OK).
So as you might guess it uses mpm winnt. the problem is that I´m getting an WSANOTSOCK when
AccepEx is called. The log says that could be buggy firewall dynamic address changed...
non stooping, if you do not stop it as fast as you can, the log could grow to have several
 Now the thing is that those could not be the causes because I´m not connected to any network
so i don´t use any firewall, my IP is static. Anyway I´m smelling that the cause could be
the VMWare I have installed that puts those virtual networks. Anyone having the same problem?
I mean VMWare + Apache on the same computer makes apache do that? This is really driving me
crazy specially because M$ have done such a ¨great documentation for fools¨ about AcceptEx.
Let me put the scenario more real, I have Apache listening on por 80, one web server on 3128,
and some other application on a configurable port. Now they all talk in a chain Like this:
Other app  <---> Apache <---> Web Server
that puts my machine to exahaust quite rapidly it´s resources so sometimes this happens randomly
to Apache or to the other application by just sending data. Making them fall into some kind
of dead lock (the other app uses also AcceptEx and  IO Completion Ports) also if I close Apache
, other app enters sometimes the neverending loop sucking allmost all the CPU + RAM(this is
a known bug of my app beacuse i´m not freeing context yet) 
 If I close WebSErver Apache starts the loop writing like a mad to the logs. Well in my opinion
even if that is the fault of some software at least apache should not behave like that randomly,
but that is another story.
Best Regards
Waldo Alvarez

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