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From "Posta Kutusu" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Setting up a virtual host on a stand alone Windows 2000 machine
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 21:51:46 GMT

I have Apache 2 running on a stand alone machine operating on Windows 2000 professional, in
a console window listening on port 8080.  I have all the nice things -- php, python, perl
-- working with the setup.  Now I want to set up a virtual host using a root directory 
c:/www/ via a local address, say  I have edited the 'hosts' file
under my winnt/system32/drivers/etc directory to include the line
(I have also experimented with adding :8080 to the address).  I have edited the the httpd-conf
to include a section for <virtual host>  container and provided
a DocumentRoot, TransferLog, ServerName, etc.  My machine detects a local area connection
via a 3Com ethernet card, which enables DHCP.  My problem is that my browser cannot connect
to the site: the connection is refused/not found.  I gather that somehow I need to take other
steps to assign the IP address to my interface.  How do I do that? I've tried disabling NetBios
over TCP/IP but that does not work.  I hope not to have to read volumes of material on Windows
networking and DNS to discover the adjustment I need to make.


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