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From "Reid, Cherie" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Using the AuthenNTLM module with an Apache 1.3 / Unix environment
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:02:59 GMT


I am running Apache 1.3 on a Unix server with an AIX v5.2 os. It is working with a Windows

I am involved in a project implementing a Cognos Business Intelligence solution via the web.
When a request is made by an intranet user to use the cognos web portal, cognos verifies the
user via the REMOTE_USER CGI variable thus allowing a single signon solution. The REMOTE_USER
variable needs to have been passed the value of the windows environment variable USERNAME.
But with the way Apache unix has access authentication set up I need to prompt the user for
the username to set REMOTE_USER, which is then authenticated against a pasword file maintained
inside Apache. Problem is that I dont want to prompt the user and I want to authenticate users
against a Cognos namespace not an Apache passowrd file.

So, I have decided to install the AuthenNTLM module to mimic the NT challenge response protocol
and initialise the REMOTE_USER variable. My question is, [yes, I did have a question after
all this!! :) ] Will this variable keep it's value for the length of the browser session after
the AuthenNTLM has completed its authentication process? As stated before I need it for Cognos
to use it.

Also, does this solution sound ok??

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