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From Dick Davies <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache and multiple Virtual Hosts best practices
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 20:13:01 GMT
* Eric Wagar <> [1132 14:32]:
> I have an Apache web server with a few virtual hosts.  The ftp is handled by 
> proftpd, and I have multiple users defined.  These users have their own uid 
> and gid.  The problem comes when Apache is uid apache and need to write to 
> the said directory.
> I am wondering what other people have done to deal with this.  Do people just 
> set all the ftp users uid/gid to the same as the Apache uid/gid on the 
> system?  Obviously this would be an ok solution because apache uid/gid != 
> root.

Why does apache want to write at all?
Proftpd should be able to switch to the right user and create files with  the
correct ownership, you can configure it to make those files owned by apaches
group and group readable.

If you really need apache to be able to write those files, I'd recommend setting
a umask (in proftpd.conf) that makes such files group writable.

(though personally I'd go for webdav and forget about filesystem ownership - it's 
a tradeoff but it's easier to encrypt traffic that way (https), and you can use
mod_auth_<whatever-you-like>, so it's very flexible too....)

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