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From Christopher R Newman <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Is there a maximum value for DEFAULT_LIMIT_REQUEST_FIELDSIZE?
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 15:51:31 GMT
Thanks for the quick response Joshua.

I would really appreciate it if someone (so Joshua can have a break ;-) 
 ) could tell me if changing the value from 8192 to something like 
 65535 would greatly increase the memory requirements.  I'm guessing 
Josh was talking about how the internal buffer size has to be 2 bytes 
greater than the limit but I don't know how much that affects performance.


Joshua Slive wrote:

>On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 14:07:25 -0400, Christopher R Newman
><> wrote:
>>Hey everyone,
>>    I want to increase the DEFAULT_LIMIT_REQUEST_FIELDSIZE, a
>>compile-time constant that defaults to 8190.  Is there a maximum value
>>or, even better, a way to disable it?
>>    There doesn't seem to be any documentation on this, but I did find
>>an archived apache mailing list message suggesting it was possible.  No
>>mention of an upper limit though.  Thanks in advance.
>I don't believe there is an upper limit, although I'd need to check
>the code to be sure.  Increasing it may also increase memory
>requirements.  (Again, a check of the code is in order to verify.)
>But note that most browsers are also going to apply some limit to the
>size of the request that they will send, so setting this to an
>arbitrarily high number will probably not help in any case.
Additional info:
The browser isn't limiting the request, which is why I have a problem 
with Apache's limits.  I have several large cookies that I write in JS. 
 Then when I redirect to a CGI, the browser builds a list of cookies 
that match the new URL and sends it in the request header as expected. 
 Apache doesn't like the large header so it returns an error.  The 
entire site stops working because the browser still passes the same list 
of cookies for any requested page... unless I delete some cookies.  This 
is a real pain!

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