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From Alexander Stoll <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Proxy on multiple ports - 2nd port has less facilities?
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 15:30:27 GMT
Ian Jeffray schrieb:

> EXCEPT:  Requests to the proxy on this 2nd port cannot get
> pages from the websites hosted by apache itself.  Very odd.
> The requests just get forwarded out of the system, which
> then cannot find the server in question (it basically tries
> to request out of our firewall for something which is inside it
> and should have been handled, so gets blocked there, in any
> case, I don't want requests going out of the firewall, router,
> then back in it... that's just silly).
> Has anyone else come across this issue with the proxy server
> or have any ideas what may be causing it?

without further description of your topologie, this sounds like your 
proxy tries to fetch a page from the site that resolves to an official 
ip, your system only knows the default route via FW and it is routing 
the request back "in"...
Is your FW performing any NAT for the unproxied HTTP-Host?
If so, you have two options:

- Rewrite the request to the internal IP/Port

- ensure that the the proxy resolves to the internal IP for requests
e. g. via local HOSTS file or local DNS Cache...

regards, AS

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