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From Michelle Konzack <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: Using Apache as part of a hosting solution ?
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 20:31:05 GMT
Am 2004-10-20 11:54:30, schrieb Michael Gale:
> Hello,

> We want to use Apache for the web server portion. My question is, is 
> there a maximum number of Virtual Host that apache can handle ? or would 
> that be a server limitation ??

Not for "apache" but for your memory :-)

I run on a Dual Athlon MP1900 with 4 GByte Memory
around 1400 VirtualHosts and have reached the limit...

I think, I will use a Dual Opteron 242 with 24 GByte of memory...

> Please let me know if any one sees any concerns with this setup or 
> improvements.

Hmmm I prefer to install one Opteron 242 Server for around
5000 Hosts using php and postgresql and without loadbalancing. 

If you do loadbalancing with e.g. 3 Servers, two servers must handel
the Trafic of three if one fails... And if you have not enough
resources the other two Servers going down (own experience)


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