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From Andrew Mull <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Building Apache and SSL
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 21:43:35 GMT
When I installed I had a similar problem.

Check the ssl.conf file and make sure that the Listen directive is
³constructed²  in the same manner as the Listen directive in httpd.conf.  I
had to use this syntax.

Listen [::]:443

Hope it helps!

On 9/21/04 3:18 PM, "Shaun Campbell" <> wrote:

> I'm trying to set up Apache on Redhat 8 so that I can route https URIs to my
> servlet running under Tomcat.
> The server came preinstalled with Apache 2.0.40 in what I understand is a
> Redhat layout i.e /etc/httpd, /var/www etc.
> I didn't know whether SSL was installed so I decided to download Apache 2.0.51
> source and rebuild from scratch. I initially tried to build in RedHat layout
> with ssl enabled using ./configure --enable-ssl --enable-layout=RedHat.  I did
> this in order to make use of the Apache startup scripts /etc/rc.. It seemed to
> build okay and install in the correct places although when I looked in
> httpd.conf it didn't seem to have any LoadModule lines so I assumed it was
> built as a static system.
> I tried the build again using an Apache layout in /usr/local/apache2.  All
> looked okay and Apache started up okay.  If I point my browser at the non SSL
> I get the Apache page up okay.  If I try it again with https then I get the
> page cannot be displayed.  I'm assuming therefore that SSL is not configured
> properly.
> I checked httpd.conf and it appears to have lines:
> <IfModule mod_ssl.c>
>     Include conf/ssl.conf
> </IfModule>
> ssl.conf appears to have everything I need to use SSL. Can anyone give me a
> clue as to why SSL is not working?
> Regards
> Shaun  

Andrew Mull
Niemczyk Hoffmann Group
117 Philadelphia Ave
Shillington, PA  19607

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