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From Luis Moreira <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] How to Configure Apache to work behind router with a dynamic IP [ver 2]
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 06:56:02 GMT

Cameron Roe wrote:

> So I have a similar problem to that reported in version 1 :)  but I'm 
> not using any kind of DNS or host lookup.
> I'm running Apache 2.0.50 on YellowDog Linux (YDL) Release 3.0, Kernel 
> version 2.4.22-2f. I am running it behind a D-Link DSL firewall/router 
> DI-601. My YDL machine is assigned a local IP I am sure 
> that it is configured with a gateway to (D-Link) , but 
> I'll make sure when I get home. I was screwing around with the port 
> forwarding but wasn't having any luck so I put the YDL in a DMZ (i.e. 
> WAN has ALL access to this machine) I can FTP and Telnet to it using 
> the dynamically assigned ISP IP address of the router ( 
> ... and no that's not the real address :)  ) -

OK, you have access to the machine

> But I can't surf to it!

What does this mean?
What is the error, exactly ?
Have you checked the logs (access and error) ?

> I've cleared the IPTABLES so the machine really is naked and still get 
> nothing. I can get to it (using the from an internal 
> machine but as soon as I go outside it is not available.
> I checked the /etc/httpd/conf/http-conf with one at the office 
> (running on BSD linux but works behind the same router/DSL components) 
> and the ONLY difference is the ServerName which at home is the 
> (using xxdiff)
> The only differences I can see are
> 1. The server name is different. one is hardcoded to an IP and the 
> other is not.
> 2. At work the IP is static from the ISP (the same ISP by the way) and 
> at home it is assigned dynamically.
> 3. I've checked with the ISP and they confirm that they do NOT filter 
> port 80 in any way for either static or dynamcially routed IPs.
> I am at a loss here. The router seems to be forwarding packets (aka 
> telnet, ftp, etc) but Apache does not respond! ANY suggestions  would 
> be welcome!
> Cheers
> Cam

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