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From robert <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: ip aliasing and port forwarding
Date Sun, 29 Aug 2004 21:20:50 GMT
Me <me <at>> writes:

> > I have a 
> static IP and is mapped as eth1 on my fedora linux box.> if 
> apache 1.3 listens to this IP address, I can see my website from > the 
> outside world.This may seem like an odd question - but what's set 
> up for eth0. The designation eth1 assumes (to me anyway) that you have 2 nics 
> that box.
> If you have eth0 set up as as internal net number 
> (ie: you shouldn't have to alias that IP to eth1 (it would, in 
> fact cause errors). Have you tried
> Listen *:80
> In your httpd.conf to make Apache listen to all 
> available IP addresses?
> Also, perhaps a bit off topic, if you're trying to 
> set up the Fedora box as a firewall or a NAT for your local net, you can find 
> detailed instructions at
> Either way, you're going to need a gateway 
> somewhere that allows your network to access the Internet 
> (
> I guess I'm with Zoe on this - more information is 
> required about your network configuration to answer your question 
> properly
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: 
>   Zoe Ballz
> To: users <at> ; Eugene
> Sent: Sunday, August 29, 2004 12:23 
>   AM
> Subject: Re: [users <at> httpd] ip aliasing 
>   and port forwarding
> Hiya
> Ok maybe I'm being thick - but if you do not have 
>   a router then how do you have your network set up to connect to the net? 
>   you using windows ICS (internet connection sharing) or is your apache 
>   running as a proxy server? Please clarify and I may be able to help. 
>   a little off subject, but at the end of the day almost all 
>   apache administrators need to know a bit about networks 
> too).
> All the best
> Zoe

I don't have a router because I have a static IP number the 67.XX
I got three nics on my box.
eth1 is the one connected to the modem that's how I can browse the
outside world.

now, on the same box I run apache and if I make
apache listen to 67.xx... i can see apache from the outside world,
meaning my friends can see my server.

what I want to do is make an alias for the with a 192.168.1.x
and make apache listen to the 192.168.1.x number i choose.
so that when my friends point to the 67.x.x ip number, they get redirected to 
the 192.168.1.x and apache answers back. 

right now this doesn't work, it seems like I am missing somehting with
ip aliasing. ofcourse i can get a router and give that router
the 67.x.x.x number then port forward port 80 to the 192.168. and apache will
be seen from the outside world, I am trying t osee if I 
can get away with getting a router for this purpose.

eth1 is the nic connected to the 67.x.x..x
my alias is eth1:1, I got 3 nics on the box but the other nics are for 
something else.  Idon't have problem browsing outside, or being seen
as long as I use the 67.x, but I just wanted to see if I can
forward 67.x to the 192.x
that's all.

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