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From "Singh " <>
Subject [users@httpd] Is it wise and feasible to write .htaccess file for my application??
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 18:36:39 GMT
Hi experts...<BR>
Well i want to clarify that is it wise and feasible to write .htaccess file for my application
which will be live24/7 to thousands of users. I have almost implemented all the things which
are suggested to secure apache in the Apachedocs. My envt is RHL 9.0/ Apache2.0 with mod_mono/
Mono 1.0. The users will be accessing some other directories too in the main application directory.
e.g if i have placed the application directory &quot;apps&quot; as under /var/www/html/apps,
now in this apps directory i have some other directories which the users will be needing to
retrieve some data for thier use. Should i check for the authentication at that level too?
All I want is that only valid users may have access to that data. Although at the first entry
point the .NET applcation asks for the authentication of the valid user but i was still wondering
from my, i mean Apache's point of view. I dont know whether this is a valid question or not
and i need your help. So from that point of view what do you suggest? What are the &quot;MUST&quot;
security options that i need to take care of in Apache/RHL? I would really appreciate if you
could guide me step by step...<BR>
Thanks in advance<BR>
Best Regards&nbsp; <BR>

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