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From "Singh " <>
Subject [users@httpd] Need help in Setting DocumentRoot
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 18:47:28 GMT
Hi friends,&nbsp; <BR>
I need help from you in making changes in the DocumentRoot. I have placed my application in
a directory &quot;apps&quot; under /var/www/html and when i try opening it as http://computername/
it shows me the directory structure instead of opening the index or default page whereas i
want that whenever the user types on the LAN http://computername the application should pop
up. The settings in the httpd.conf files are:<BR>
ServerRoot &quot;/home/usr/apache2/&quot;<BR>
DocumentRoot &quot;/var/www/html&quot;<BR>
Alias /apps /var/www/html/apps<BR>
&lt;Directory &quot;/home/usr/apache2/apps&quot;&gt;<BR>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks<BR>
AllowOverride None<BR>
Order allow,deny<BR>
Allow from all<BR>
DirectoryIndex Default.asps default.htm index.htm memberlogin.htm index.html<BR>
Where do i need to make the changes so that when the user types <BR>
httpd://computername the application page comes up.<BR>
Thanks in advance<BR>
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