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From Jim Maul <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] weird problem serving .DOC files from apache2
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 12:11:58 GMT
Quoting Boyle Owen <>:

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Jim Maul []
>> If a user has say document1.doc that they create (or edit)
>> and then send it to
>> me to post on the apache server, they are no longer able to
>> view the document
>> by clicking on it in the browser.
> What do you mean by "no longer"? How were they able to view it before if
> they just created it?
> I suspect there is confusion between accessing the doc via apache and
> opening the doc in Word on their local PC.

Its hard to explain correctly, but i'll try again quick.  There are 2 
methods to
access the doc file.  Locally through the file system and over the web 
through a
browser.  Locally through the file system, the user is always able to open the
doc file no problems.  Its only when they try to view it over the web that
there is the problem...and ONLY when they were the last person to edit the
PersonA edits document.
I post document on website.
PersonA can not view document at http://path/to/document
Everyone else can view document at http://path/to/document

PersonB now edits document.
I post updated document on website.
Now PersonB is unable to view document at http://path/to/document
Everyone else (including personA now) can view http://path/to/document

>> They get the "page cannot
>> be displayed"
>> error in their browser but the apache log shows that it has
>> served the page
>> correctly.  This ONLY happens for the person that last edited
>> the .doc file.
>> If another user edits document1.doc and sends it to me to
>> post on the apache
>> server, then suddenly they are unable to view this document,
>> but the original
>> user can now view it again.
> I think that this might be something to do with the way IE spawns a Word
> session to open .doc files. Maybe word thinks that the file is still
> local (since it last saw this filename when editing the file) and uses
> the local path to look for the file, in preference to the URL...
> After a user uploads a file, shut down Word and IE, restart IE, try to
> open - what happens?

Same thing.  Actually, sometimes, it downloads the file, then opens word and
gives me the error attached. (pardon the poor image quality)

Im going to try another browser in a bit to see what the results are.  Im not
exactly sure what program is at fault here.

Thanks for the response.


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