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From Josh Kuo <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] mod_dav Input/Ouput error from client
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:08:28 GMT
> Perhaps you should try
> BrowserMatch . redirect-carefully
> to apply it to all users-agents.

Thanks, after putting this in, it works fine from the shell (bash). I
can now play with the file system from my shell as if they were local :)

On the other note, my Nautilus won't work with this directory... it
always tells me that device is out of space (if I try to drag-n-drop a
file from my desktop to this /mnt/dav directory). But I guess I'll head
over to the gnome mailing list/IRC/forum now, I believe this is more of
a Nautilus issue.

I am still compiling/running litmus to see how compatible the WebDAV
setup I have is.

I am also going to run a few more tests from the command line to see if
I see any more errors.

Thanks for the help!

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