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From "Cameron Roe" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] apache behind a router
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 20:27:03 GMT
So - I'm having the same problem

I am running an ADSL modem to a Linksys firewall and then to an 8 port hub
to a home network. I've installed Apache 2 and all seemed to go well. The
problem is that I can access the site locally through http://localhost/ or
through but not through my IP address of . As well I can not access the site from anyother
box on my local network, only from the local box.
To ensure I have the port forwarding correct on the linksys i installed
tomcat on a 'windoze' box on the same network and it works fine when I do
the port forwarding and give the address
I also tried various combinations in the Apache conf for the listener port


etc. I then thought that there might be some sort of security (or ISP
blockage as referred to below) on ports below 1024 and tried to listen on
port 8000 but to no avail, I could still access via the local box but not
the WAN. I must admit that I'm not sure what to try now. I can get out from
the Linux box via mozilla surfing  and can send and receive mail just fine -
I just can't access Apache from outside the local box! I know through
'nmap -p 1-1024 localhost' that Apache is sitting there waiting but cant get
to it outside of localhost. Can someone point me to something else to read
or try?

Many thanks

Alex Cairncross wrote:

> ok so, I've scoured the internet for every resolution to fix this and
> still haven't resolved the issue.
> I'm running a Linksys wrt54g router with one computer on a wireless,
> and mine directly to the router.
> I can access apache when it's running on both the computers so I'm
> fine with apache I assume. However I have the problem that I've read
> in many places, that no one outside can access my server.
> port forwarding is set properly to 80, directed to my machine's IP. if
> I try and listen on another port and forward it accordingly, i just
> get the router admin page.
> when I try and do a port scan there is no response to my TCP.
> I don't think it responds to any ping either. I disabled block
> anonymous internet requests, so that maybe it would work, but that
> failed as well.
> I'm sure the issue is my router and not apache
> but I've been trying everything I possibly can to try and make it so
> that my server shows up to other remote computers. It doesn't make
> sense that everythign is set up properly, and my forwardning should
> work but apparently it's not working for whatever reason.
> Is there anyone that can help me resolve this?
> I've searched FAQ's and tons of forum threads on the same exact
> problems to no avail.
> thanks for your time
> ~alex

 A possibility is you have an unfriendly ISP and they have blocked port
80 because running a web server on your residential service is a
violation of your TOS (Terms Of Service). Or you have a very friendly
ISP and they have blocked port 80 to prevent your PC from being infected
by a virus.

Assuming you have the firewall protection enabled under the "security"
tab (a very good idea), go to the "applications & gaming" tab and enable
the port you wish to use. Additional details may include nailing your IP
address (not using DHCP) on the PC running apache.

To test whether your ISP has port 80 blocked, tell apache to listen on
some port with a high number below 65,735 (say 54321) and try to access
from the outside world like this:

where is your external IP address from your router
"status" tab and 54321 is the port you used in the apache Listen statement.


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