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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache Service Monitor for non-Apache services
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 18:52:29 GMT

From: "Hetesi Tamás"

> Is it possible to monitor services
> other than Apache with the Apache
> Service Monitor?

Sure why not, one has the source.

Try adding the service/process one needs
to the C source code.

Below is a free Microsoft C/C++ compiler.

The Visual C++ Toolkit 2003, version 1.01
(released July 6, 2004) supplants version 1.0
(released April 16, 2004).


The Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 includes
the core tools developers need to compile and link
C++ based applications for Windows and the .NET
Common Language Runtime:

Microsoft C/C++ Optimizing Compiler and Linker.
These are the same compiler and linker that ship
with Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional!

C Runtime Library and the C++ Standard Library,
including the Standard Template Library.  These
are the same static-link libraries included with
Visual Studio. Microsoft .NET Framework Common
Language Runtime. Visual C++ can optionally build
applications that target the Common Language
Runtime (CLR).

Sample code.  The toolkit includes four samples
designed to showcase the powerful new features of
the 2003 version, including new optimization capabilities,
features to improve code-security and robustness,
enhanced ISO C++ standards support, and the ability
to use the .NET Framework library and target the CLR.


Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003


One can quickly write up a newer monitor
using the .NET Framework.

Remember one can also use the programming
language of your desire with .NET Framework.
But the .NET Framework comes with free C++,
JScript.NET, VB.NET and the CSharp (C#) compilers.


The System.ServiceProcess namespace provides
classes that allow you to implement, install, and
control Windows service applications. Services
are long-running executables that run without a
user interface.



Service Controller Status

ProcessController Sample: Demonstrates Processes and Services

HOW TO: programmatically control a
windows service using the .NET Framework

NET Framework Developer Center:
SDKs, Redistributables & Service Packs

C# Tutorials


Create a simple plain console window
monitor by using Windows Scripting
(all Windows have this for free).

Remember one can also use the script
language of your desire with the Windows
Script Host (WSH) engines. But WSH
comes with VBScript and JScript free


Start a Service and Its Dependents

Stop a Service and Its Dependents

Monitoring Services


Monitoring Service Reliability

Configure Service Start Options

Change Method in Class Win32_Service (used in example above)

Managing Services Using ADSI and Windows Script Host

Monitor Processor Use by Process


Creating and Terminating Processes

Managing Processes

Monitoring Processes for Reliability

Monitoring Threads

MSDN - The WMI Win32_Thread Class

Monitor NTFS File Cache Performance  (XP+)

Monitor Page File Use

How's My Driving? Monitoring Performance Using WMI

Accessing Performance Data in Script


To see all the properties and methods available
for Win32_ Process - check all the other WMI
classes too!

MSDN - The WMI Win32_Process Class

Just save the little VBScript file as whatever.vbs
and start the Windows Script by using the
command line version of the Windows Script
Host, called cscript.exe.

In a command prompt window type:
c:\cscript.exe whatever.vbs


Use Windows Scripting in a HTML Application
(HTA - looks like the script is running in IE but
it is not) or just use the Internet Explorer objects.
Both can run in the Taskbar and provides
radio buttons just like the C compiled Apache
monitor program.

Working with HTML Applications

HTML Applications (HTA)

MSDN, HTA Reference

MSDN, The InternetExplorer Object

HTML and DHTML Reference

General Windows Scripting information:

Script Center

Windows 2000 System Admin Scripting Guide (online)

System Administration Scripting Guide - samples scripts

Windows Script Host 5.6 documentation download


Take a peek at or download the new MSH
(Microsoft Shell beta) and see how easy this
request is (graphics and all)....

See the part called Enter the programmer

Jeffrey Snover and Jim Truher demonstrate
some of the features and capabilities of "Monad
(Monad in the new MSH)

The .NET Show: Longhorn Fundamentals


Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Installing Monad on XP or Win2ks


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