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From "Lucioni Lorenzo" <>
Subject [users@httpd] regexp in Locationmatch
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 13:02:05 GMT
Hello, I hope you can help me. 
I have this problem: I need to tell, with regular expression, to apache LocationMatch, the
following sentence:
"all starting with /abcd but not starting with /abcd/efgh"
Here is what I would to do (in boolean logic words):
     <LocationMatch "(/abcd) AND NOT (/abcd/efgh)">

I could do:
     <LocationMatch "/abcd/[^e][^f][^g][^h]">

but, of course, this solution is not good because it exclude also, for example:
     /abcd/aagh   (it should be not excluded)
I was hoping to find a rule, in regular expression rules, but I didn't find anything that
permit me to exclude an entire word. Probably I can do it using regular expression in an advanced
way but I'm not so practice with reg-exp.
Does Apache LocationMatch has an attribut such as "exclude-path", for example:
     <LocationMatch "/abcd">
     excludePath "/abcd/efgh"

Can you give me a suggestion?
Thank you very much,

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