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Subject Re: [users@httpd] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache HTTP Server 1.3.31 Released
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 17:45:53 GMT

Personally, i still use 1.3X a lot of places, due to the fact that most of
the code running on our production servers is PHP.

There is still need for the 1.3 branch.  Some folks, don't have need for
the extra features in 2, and need to use things like PHP where the apxs
support with Apache2 is still expieremental.

I realize its the 'old' Apache, but there is the 'If it ain't broke'
this case,....don't EOL it....perspective.

but thats just my $.45

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Apache HTTP Server 1.3.31 Released            
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I just have a random question.

If we are wanting people to code modules for Apache 2.x, why are we still
supporting 1.3.x? I can understand bug fixes and such but even then I would
have figured that there would be a concerted effort to get people to move
Apache 2.x so module developers will have no choice but to port their
modules to it.

Just my $2.0.
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