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From "Kyle Ohme" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache Cache on Windows
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 17:53:15 GMT
Apache Cache on Windows


I have a question that I have looked all over on and cant quite figure
out how to nail down.  Any help would be appreciated.


I have some blade servers that we have up - I am running a PXE boot to
load a copy of windows and I have apache on the servers to act as a web
server for small static content.  I have a reverse proxy in place to
send all dynamic content to backend application servers for an attempt
to put a barrier between any vulnerabilities that windows will
inevitably have in the future.  The live content for the servers are
hosted on a iscsi image that is unique to the servers and we are
replication between volumes.  To take some of the stress off and allow
for a faster response time I have researched the Apache memory cache.
This site will handle about 2 million page views per day and will need
to stay responsive in a front end server farm.


I would like to take advantage of the memory cache for apache and cache
our front end content in memory for our active pages every 5 minuets.
Images and other static content that does not change I would like to
allow for a longer cache for the server.  I will need to be able to set
each directory so that we can direct and tune the cache.


I have to apologize here as my stronger points are in IIS
administration.  We support Apache on a Linux environment as well - with
this project we are unable to do this with this model that we have
developed as it needs to reside in the proper Active Directory OU for
security and administration reasons.


I am wondering if anyone has any insight that they can give me to how
this can be properly configured on a windows platform and any issues
that may arise of such a configuration.


Thank you!

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