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From Purl Gurl <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Re: Bug Versions 1.3.28/29 Fixed In 1.3.31Or Not?
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 18:12:27 GMT
Tim Thorburn wrote:


> Ok, impartial observer here ... I'm on this list because I'm a web designer
> who uses Apache for hosting and local testing, not a sysadmin or someone
> who makes their living off of the goodness that is Apache.  So far, I'm
> seeing someone present a problem that she feels is a problem, and then be
> ignored or ridiculed for thinking this is a problem.
> Personally, I've asked several questions on this list and other similar
> lists wherein those who know (or in many cases those who *think* they know)
> dismiss any question to their ways as absurd remarks from those who should
> not speak.  Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm far from an expert in many
> areas, but when a person is publicly chewed out as Kira has been in this
> case ... it imposes something of an elitist view over the entire Apache
> community - don't you dare ask a question lest we mock you for wasting our
> time in asking this question.
Very typical behavior you describe!

Many of us have been dealing with the less-than-educated for
literally decades, here on the net. Amuses me to know some of
us have been programming, have been involved with the net, for
more years than some are old.

Cabal Syndrome. Sadly there are those whose only life is a
mailing list, a newsgroup, a forum, programming, whatever.
Once involved, some develop exaggerated self-importance
and believe they are in total charge; a cabal boss.
This is sad because other realize those people truly
have no life, no outside interest, no potential to be
really successful in life, to really enjoy life.

I have two internet stalkers. One faced criminal charges
and restraining orders. Both have been stalking our family
since 1995, on the net, and in "real life." As I write this,
one of them is trying to figure out how to hack our server,
which delights me. This delights me because I am robbing him
of precious time out of his life, with no effort.

Same applies to mailing lists and forums like this. Some
will waste their time, and waste time of readers, through
satuation of their need to feel in control of others. They
would do better to learn to control themselves, not others.

Your thoughts are appreciated by many readers. Almost all
appreciate those who work at bringing logic, intelligence
and goodwill to forums like this.

Easy enough to ignore those who do not appreciate efforts
such as yours. Easy enough to pity those without a life.

Sometimes people mistake my firm but fair demeanor for
being abrasive. Some are not accustomed to those who
are assertive, yet dimplomatic. Some live a fantasy.

Eventually, some will realize these problems I present
are bugs, are problems and need to be addressed. In time,
viable solutions will be offered, after the cabal bosses
finish displaying their true colors, much to my personal
humor and personal entertainment.

Solutions will come forth. All will benefit. Cabal bosses
will be embarrassed. That's reality!


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