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From Laura Vance <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Issues....
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 14:27:44 GMT
Hello Jill,

I don't run an XP machine, which is why I didn't respond to this in the 
first place, but after her next mail being completely fed up (after on 
solitary attempt at help), I feel like I might be able to offer an idea.

I know that when I write my software (cgi scripts in both Perl and C++), 
if I don't issue a command to flush the output buffer, the pages will 
appear incomplete.  In Perl, it's as simple as setting $| = 1; before 
any output is given.  In C++ it's as simple as issuing a cout << endl; 
at the end of your output.  If it is a C++ program, and this doesn't 
work, it is (in my case) always because the program broke somewhere 
before the buffer flush command was given.  In these cases, I add 
various "endl"s to different parts of the program to see if I can track 
down where exactly the software is failing.

All that these do is flush the output buffer.  I'm not sure if this is 
your problem, because you didn't say if it was happening to HTML or 
scripts.  I also do not use 2.0.49, I use 1.3.29, so I don't know what 
version-related issues there are.  If it's happening to HTML, there 
might be a configuration issue in apache, but again, I've never had that 

A possible reason that you didn't get any responses is because people 
that are running your same configuration hadn't read the list in the 
past few days, or maybe nobody has your exact configuration, or maybe 
nobody has run across that problem.  Essentially, without having 
experienced the exact problem, all anyone can do is speculate or give 
ideas, and other times people don't want to confuse the issue or post 
something that they know might not be completely helpful since it's with 
a different setup.

I CC'd you on this email, because from your 'fed up' email, I don't know 
if you have already unsubscribed from the apache mailing list.

hope this helps.

Jill Douglas wrote:

>I wonder if I can get some help.  I have a problem that I just can't seem to
>get no matter how hard I look at the config file.
>I am running Apache 2.0.49 on a Windows XP Pro platform.  I host 5 domains:
>The owners of the sites all report that their pages appear incomplete, or
>are unable to navigate beyond the main pages.  I notice that if I hit my F5
>key several times, the pages will appear completely, but the problem still
>persists upon further navigation of the site.
>I am not behind a firewall.
>Any thoughts as to what this is happening?  It was working beautifully until
>two months ago when I changed one domain name - I did it thoroughly I
>believe, changed the folder of the website file, and the log.  I was
>previously running the 2.0.48 version and upgraded to 2.0.49 in case there
>was a error somewhere, I hoped that this might be self-correcting by
>upgrading.  The problem persists.  I loaded all of this onto another machine
>with a fresh download of Apache and the problem existed on that machine too.
>Leads me to believe that this is a config file issue, but I can't see it....
>Can anyone help?
Laura Vance
Systems Engineer
Winfree Academy Charter Schools, Data-Business Office
1711 W. Irving Blvd. Ste 310
Irving, Tx  75061

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