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From Laura Vance <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Can you recommend some virtual host tutorials?
Date Fri, 07 May 2004 14:29:15 GMT
Hello David,

Please forgive me if any of these comments seem harsh, they are 
absolutely not intended to be, but it's hard to make text sound 

After reading this whole thread this morning, it seems to me that you 
were expecting to move mountains with a spoon.  The people that you 
talked to that said it's only a few minutes to get it set up were 
right.... if you are comfortable working with Apache configuration and 
if you completely understand how paths and OS stuff work.  The first 
time I set up a virtual host, it took a few minutes just to learn how to 
do it, but I already 100% understood all of the related technologies (my 
OS paths, DNS, the concept of document root, etc).  I'm not saying that 
you don't understand them, but in this context something confused you.

The virtual host situation you described that you wanted to set up 
honestly didn't sound that difficult, but in your first email (as 
someone else pointed out), you were all over the place with assumptions 
that you tried to make the list responses "fit" into a predetermined way 
of thinking.  If that is not true, then it is only how it appeared in 
your emails (again, in text it's hard to tell intent beyond words).

I feel that it is unfortunate that you gave up so quickly on learning a 
new thing.  If I had given up so easily, I wouldn't know 1/4 of the 
things that I know now.  The first time I installed apache, it was on an 
Amiga4000 computer back in 1997, and I couldn't get any help at all, 
because the computer itself was so uncommon that people who knew the 
software couldn't help me configure it for my OS.  I think it took me a 
week or so to get the details worked out, but that learning process has 
made it easier for every Apache configuration that I have done since then.

In case anyone is wondering why I responded to this on the list instead 
of off the list, it's because I know that those of us who have figured 
these things out on our own sometimes get impatient with people who 
aren't willing to research on their own (and yes, possibly make mistakes 
along the way, everyone does).  I'm included in that group sometimes, 
but it's not from a lack of desire to help, it's from an unwillingness 
to try to figure out what you really wanted to know.  Most of the 
problems that arise on any list is when the person asking the question 
doesn't really understand what they want to know.  Every day in my job, 
I have to tell people what they really meant to ask me, because they 
have the best intentions of making informed statements, but they end up 
sounding like they're trying to impress me with their knowledge.  As a 
result, their real request gets all muddled.  Every time I've started to 
ask a question on this list, I start to type the email, then I think 
wether or not I want someone to belittle me if in my reading of the 
docs, I missed the 1 line that could've helped me.  It has happened 
before in other forums, and then someone says "RTFM" when I already did, 
then they copy and paste the section of the doc that describes what I 
wanted to know... I go back and read the doc and there it is in black 
and white, and I remember reading it, but I took it out of context.  We 
are all human, and for people answering questions, we sometimes forget 
that others might miss the 1 line that would have made it click for 
them... or the frame of mind when they read it made it appear to mean 
something else.

In case you're wondering, yes I'm almost afraid to ask questions on 
lists sometimes, because if you catch someone in the wrong mood, they 
will belittle you to no end.  I've even erased and not sent some of my 
own responses if it seems like it's coming across as arrogant.  Even if 
I'm fairly confident that what I say could help.  Lists are definitely 
their own world.

Again, I apologize if this came across as harsh, it was not intended to 
be that way.

David Blomstrom wrote:

>--- Scott Haneda <> wrote:
>>I really don't know why you are going through all
>>this trouble, if you are
>>not planning on running a website on your own, this
>>really does you no good
>>to fuss with all this, get a 9.00 a month php and
>>mysql account and never
>>look back.
>Well, I guess I'll take your advice. I just lost
>contact with all my websites, so I'm going to undo
>everything I did and abandon this experiment.
Laura Vance
Systems Engineer
Winfree Academy Charter Schools, Data-Business Office
1711 W. Irving Blvd. Ste 310
Irving, Tx  75061

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