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From "CUTMAN ~CW~" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] apache vhosts
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 18:58:15 GMT
>From: "Linux Nick" <>
>I only use 'plain text emails' there is nothing special about my emails, 
>config file is only 40k, and if you really want to help someone you kinda
>need to see the whole picture. What is it with this group that they don't
>want to help anybody? This is seriously the WORST mailing list I have ever
>subscribed to, no one is willing to help anyone, you took the time to write
>that entire long email and never once shed any light on about anything I 
>asked, you people are seriously a work of art. Keep up the good work. It's 
>good think I love apache or I would switch just from the experience I have
>had here with you people.

Linux Nick,

I do sincerely apologize that I couldn't be of assistance for your 
situation, and I hope you don't think that *I* am the mailing list, because 
there are many very knowledgable people who are very helpful as well, and 
you just caught me in a bad way.

I will take the time to help you in the way that I can, and I hope that 
anybody else would not hold it against you -this last response you've made.

Let's start from the beginning..  I need to know the whole picture, right?  
Okay, agreed.

[quote: Apache Mailing List page]
User Support and Discussion
...Every day, users become frustrated, not with Apache, but how nobody will 
help them understand how to get started. 95% of the time, it's not for lack 
of helpers, but for lack of effort and well stated questions. 95% of the 
time, it's not for lack of helpers, but for lack of effort and well stated 

Before you go further, please read Eric S. Raymond and Rick Moen's 
explanation of "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way". If you follow his 
advice, you will discover that these forums have dozens of helpers ready to 
provide you with guidance on using the Apache HTTP Server! Note: Do not sent 
your Apache questions to Eric himself!

..and I'd add, Do not sent your Apache questions to Rick Moen either...  :)

So this is part of the picture.  Perhaps it's an issue of lack of effort on 
your part?.. -and not just because I am an ass.

But let me earnestly try to be of real assistance for you, though I don't 
know much about vhosts.

>From what I can gather, you want to do not only 1 thing, but multiple things 
in a complex configuration.. -for me, I try to break those down 
one-at-a-time so it's easier to troubleshoot and is less of an issue in 
reaching the complex conglomeration.  What about you?  What DO you have 
working?  Does Apache work for you in a standard configuration?(pardon the 
line of questioning but you are attempting a multi-faceted configuration and 
you didn't mention any info about the condition of the prerequisite 
functionality.. in fact you just said nothing works).

I would assume that since you are trying to combine vhosting and security 
connections at the same time that it would be easiest to take step 1.. then 
move to the next.  Don't be frustrated that you can't pull the thing out of 
the box and make it do highly complex functionality with the least amount of 
effort.. -nobody does this.. -not even the pro's because they take it one 
step at a time and check everything on the way because THIS is the least 
amount of effort.. -it's an artful process..

Another thing I gather is that you have tried many many things of which none 
of them worked..  So, what have you actually tried?  Why did they not work?  
(for example give some error messages from some of the various 
configurations you've exhausted so people will have something to go on.. 
this is not a mailing list of a bunch of pro's waiting to answer your 
question.. it's a list of users that may have run into the same issues as 
yourself... oh.. oh.. but what you wanted is someone to tell you how to set 
the whole thing up, the whole entire complex configuration and that's why 
you didn't provide the info right because they wouldn't need it they could 
just give you a 1, 2, 3 about the situation.  How close is it to the 
picture?  Do you think that nobody else has problems and doesn't have to 
work through all the mundane nuances of a new knowledge?)

Did I mention that I don't know about vhosting..  -perhaps if you post a 
query titled "apache vhosts and SSL".. -is that appropriate?

here..  ->

..this will surely be helpful for you if you want it to be.. you can find a 
1, 2, 3 already written for exactly what you're trying to do.  Try a search 
for "apache vhosts" and browse across Boyle Owen and Joshua Slive's posts.. 
I only mention those 2 because I'm familiar that they do have the knowledge 
and I've seen them help many many people who have very specific 
questions(not like "how do i setup a complex configuration all at once 
without giving any info or making much effort";).

also, inline with the title of posts and searching topics and such you can 
quickly realize how irrelevant(or unecessary) "apache" is.. -because this IS 
the apache httpd mailing list right? -just a helpful note..

don't mean to continue to be an ass here because I'm not fully trying to be 
but only partially, but I sincerely am trying to be helpful.. -though 
begrudgingly in a way at this point..

here's your vhost search:

here's an SSL search:

a random nugget and I'm stabbing in the dark that this is the problem:

In a more generic field you have the standard stuff here... -don't know if 
you've seen this..

The docs department:


and ssl:

work it out brother.. -one step at a time.. -the list will be helpful when 
you hit a particular snag but it wont be so helpful if you just want 
somebody to do it all for you.


ps. the whole list received your original email as multipart/mixed html/text 
mail, it wasn't just me because the archive shows it too.. was it a problem 
in the list?(<-rhetorical)  and to assume that 40k is ONLY some small amount 
is a bad assumption when you watch this list frequently(the size is 
irrelevant it was the content and posture).. and to assume that someone 
needs the whole picture to help you yet you don't give a relevant picture, 
isn't very accurate either because it was easy to see the whole picture that 
you presented.. and thinking this group doesn't want to help anyone is 
moronic, but I'm not saying you are a moron i'm just saying that certain 
thinking is moronic because it's not helpful for anyone.. -even further 
suggesting that nobody is even WILLING to help anyone is just sheer 
insanity! -you are flat out wrong in your thinking!  And to assume that 
because I took the time to write a "whole long email" that I have an answer 
to your problem(which I do and have revealed it to you here).. -this is not 
straight thinking.  And even to think that you suggest I responded with a 
"long" email yet you act like 40k is nothing, shows how convoluted thought 
processes can be.  -and this email is approaching a suitable size for some 
serious info yet it goes nowhere near 40k even with all the babbling 
madness. And people like you("you people") would be much better off to pull 
your face from your ass and think about what you are doing and your actions 
and postures...  and hey that won't eliminate all mistakes but when they 
happen and you don't have your face on your ass then "you people" would be 
better off in accepting the accident as it is instead of keeping your face 
on your ass(because that way you can move forth with progress)..

oh, and yea.. I seriously do apologize about being offensive to you in that 
last email I sent..  I am really serious about that

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