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From "Leif W" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache::ASP problem
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 06:56:53 GMT

I had to reformat your whole post just to answer.

no images != plain text
! html == plain text

If I felt like cleaning up someone else's mess on my screen all the time
I'd have some babies...  I think I'll make this an optional header .sig.

> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: Ehab El Maraghy
> To:
> Sent: Friday, April 30, 2004 2:47 AM
> Subject: [users@httpd] Apache::ASP problem
> Hi Folks
> I have an apache 2 webserver installed on a Redhat9,
> I have installed the Apache::ASP module and have done
> all steps as recomended the examples are working fine
> except that ASP pages does not work , I only see Internal
> Service Error
> any suggestions

That's a third-party module, so this is probably the wrong list for
detailed help.  If your Apache 2 installation was working for HTML files
and possibly CGI scripts before, then that's about as far as this list
gets you.  Unless others have time to answer, which is always possible.

However, let me ask a few things about what TYPE of ASP pages you're
trying to run.  Are they JSCript or VBScript pages?  If YES, then you
need to RTFM, it's allon the first line of the FAQ at .  If NO, are you 100% sure it's Perl code within
the <% and %>?  If YES or NO, you still need to seek help at the
Apache::ASP site.  Of course people on here may choose to chime in, I
don't want to discourage an answer or a pointer or anything, but it's up
to the moderators to sort that stuff out.  I'm not a list Nazi claiming
and demanding purity of topic, don't think most here are either.  ;-)

AFAIK, Apache::ASP is currently just a wrapper for mod_perl, to have
Perl code embedded inside an HTML page with <% and %> marking where the
code segments begin, and end, respectively, as opposed to a typical Perl
script, which starts with "#! /usr/bin/perl -w" and is all code, with
HTML embedded in the code (inside print statements).  That is all ASP
is, a framework to embed code from any arbitrary language into an HTML
"page", to make the HTML dynamic, or "active", by running codeon the
"server", hence the name Active Server Pages.

Currently Apache::ASP only supports Perl, because Perl is free, mod_perl
is fast, the Apache::ASP is written in Perl (as indicated by the Perl
Object Oriented name, it doesn't have two colons :: separating Apache
from ASP for no reason, that's Perl syntax), and JScript or VBScript may
involve licenses and have every user purchase M$ software (or
derivatives licensed from other companies).  Until the code for the
language engines are reverse-engineered from the language reference
manuals, which are freely available.  Even then, the language and the
features supported will most likely never match M$'s features 100%.  And
there's the hairy legal issues involved in ripping off a major company's
technology and giving it away for free and doing it
better/faster/smarter than the original.  ;-)

To run ASP-JScript or ASP-VBScript, you need "Sun ONE Active Server
Pages" (formerly "Chili!Soft ASP") or "Instant ASP from Stryon"
(formerly "Halcyon Software").  These packages cost several hundred
dollars each, as they are intended for use in server environments where
a lot of business is taking place and directly generating revenue.


P.S. HOLY COW, iASP is about $1,400 for a single intel server!!!!!!  Not
including mandatory support contract.  JUST USE PHP, it's better!  ;-)

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