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From George Gallen <>
Subject [users@httpd] Not getting all my Images...
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 18:02:43 GMT
Not sure what the issue here is...maybe it will sound familiar

I'm running Apache 1.3.27 on RH 7.2

The machine has 2 NICS, one is a 10.10., the other is a 192.168.
The 192.168 passes through a NAT firewall to a real IP address.

If someone connects using the 10.10 NIC, everything works fine, all
images are displayed.

However, if you try to connect using the Internet (coming in via
the 192.168 NIC), you may get some images, mostly you get none.
The HTML comes through perfectly (leaves placemarkers for the images)
Sometimes clicking on the placemarker will load an image, but most
times it doesn't.

Can anyone think of any reasons this might occur? Anything in the 
config file I can check? I get no errors in the apache error files,
and according to my apache history file, it logs the request for
the images, and lists the correct file size.

Doesn't make sense why the 10.10 connections work great, but the
internet connections have problems. 

At first this wasn't an issue, as I was the only one using the internet
with the web server, however, now I'm going to putting together some
applications that others will need to use outside the building.


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