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From Peter Posselt Vestergaard <...@MILESTONE.DK>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache HTTP-server hangs on non-consuming client (was: RE: [users @httpd] apache http-server hangs on .smil,.rm,.swf request)
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:27:18 GMT
Hi again
We have done some more testing and have found out the following:
It seems like the problem occurs when the client's window gets full. As
RealOne is not removing any packets from the window it is slowly filled and
eventually the TCP ACK messages returned from the client tells that its
window-size is 0. This causes Apache to start sending HTTP-packets of size
1, which the client TCP ACK's with window-size set to 0, etc. This is a
reasonable behaviour, but why does Apache stop handling other clients while
this is ongoing? 
We have tried installing Apache on a couple of Windows 2003 server machines
and here there is no problem - it only occurs on the XP's.
After the 'Timeout' (set in httpd.conf) period expires the server (of
course) again start working probably as the client is dropped.
We are only using two different client machines at a time (but have tried
several), so it should not be anything regarding some connection limitation
on Win XP (I think).
Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Best regards
Peter Vestergaard

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Posselt Vestergaard [mailto:PPV@MILESTONE.DK] 
Sent: 10. februar 2004 15:14
Subject: [users@httpd] apache http-server hangs on .smil,.rm,.swf request

Hi list 
I am experiencing a weird problem that I have been unable to find any
information about, so now I turn to you. 
I have a freshly installed Apache HTTP-server v2.0.48 (win32-binary
downloaded from
<> ) running on a Windows XP
(single-processor). I have made no other configuration than what is done
during the install (Typical).

I have copied three files to the htdocs directory: one .smil, one .rm and
one .swf file. The .smil file references the two other file - I have put the
content of it in the bottom of this message.

On the client machines I am using RealOne Player v2.0 to access the .smil
file and it works fine. Untill I tried it on a machine with no sound card.
This made the Real Player pop up a dialog telling me a general error had
occured. This error was due to the missing sound card and sound in the .rm
file, but that is probably irrelevant.

The problem is that while the RealOne dialog is showing I cannot access any
pages on the Apache server from any machine! Not even the main test page
(telling that apache is installed), but as soon as I press OK in the dialog
the pages are served.

I have tried installing Apache on two different WinXP machines - the one
with almost nothing else installed - with the same result.

Anyone have a clue of what I do/ what is wrong? It is pretty scary to me
that one client can hang up the server like this...

Thanks in advance! 
Best regards 
Peter Vestergaard 

<smil xmlns="
<> " 
<> "> 
        <meta name="title"       content="Testing" />   
            <root-layout backgroundColor="#E8EDF1" width="781" height="450"
rn:resizeBehavior="percentOnly"  /> 
            <region id="video" width="539" height="409" left="123" top="2"
fit="fill" z-index='31' /> 
            <region id="logo" width="90" height="78" left="10" top="1"
z-index='70' /> 
                <animation src="mylogo.swf" region="logo" regPoint="center"
regAlign="center" begin="00:00.0" fill="freeze" />

                <video src="intro.rm" region="video" regPoint="middle"

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