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From Ken Easson <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Re: questions...
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 17:31:13 GMT
I ran a system similar to the one you describe. I had a lot of problems
with WinME. If possible switch to windows NT or windows 2000, One of the
problems with windows ME is the way that Apache and php fork processes -
and ME just isn't designed to handle that - basically - it's not a server
OS and Apache and php both servers. (so is mysql).<br><br>
You may want to look for this:<br>
&lt;IfModule mpm_winnt.c&gt;<br>
ThreadsPerChild 250<br>
MaxRequestsPerChild&nbsp; 0<br>
and change ThreadsPerChild to something much lower. The Apache 1.3
website for windows recommends 50.<br>
<a href="" eudora="autourl"><br><br>
</a>It's possible to get it all working, but my experience, it was VERY
unstable - and the reason i went out and bought windows 2000 some years
ago. I am now an avid freeBSD enthusiast, as a result of my web server
experiences with windows, and have been migrating my servers to FreeBSD -
it's all much much simpler.<br><br>
First - after installation of apache: can you enter &quot;localhost&quot;
or &quot;; into your web browser, and see the &quot;Apache
web server&quot; page. This is Before installing php!<br>
If you can start your apache web server, and see a valid page, not a 404
error. then try installing php.<br>
If not: find the Listen directive and set this to:<br><br>
Listen 80<br><br>
and a bit later on find:<br>
# If your host doesn't have a registered DNS name, enter its IP address
here. <br>
and set your servername to either your domain name - if you've set that
up. Or, to your ip - or if you are just using locally to<br>
ServerName <br><br>
restart the server and try again.<br><br>
The last gotcha that i've discovered is that the server won't start if
you don't have an existin logs folder for where you tell it to store your
logs. if not - you'll need to create the folder (if you have set your
document root to be anything other than the default that installed with
You will need to move some files for php - this left me a bit stumped
when i read the documentation as it wasn't quite clear. Basically there
is a choice and i moved php.ini the window/ (or winNT) and both
php4apache2.dll and php4ts.dll to the windows/system32 folders. You'll
find these in the php/sapi folder.<br><br>
At the end of the LoadModule section in the apache config file i
LoadModule php4_module php4apache2.dll<br>
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php<br><br>
And then to set up default server behaviour:<br>
# DirectoryIndex: sets the file that Apache will serve if a
# is requested.<br>
# The index.html.var file (a type-map) is used to deliver content-<br>
# negotiated documents.&nbsp; The MultiViews Option can be used for the
# same purpose, but it is much slower.<br>
DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.htm<br><br>
This means that if i have an index.html file an index.php file - the html
file will be display when i ask for the root. / renaming the html file to
htm allows the php file to become the default and index.htm must be
called specifically.<br><br>
The <br><br>
At 11:59 AM 29/02/2004, you wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Daniel:&nbsp; thank you for your
comments.&nbsp; Let me re-state my issues:&nbsp; I downloaded Apache
2.0.48 and php3 to my Win ME machine and installed them.&nbsp; Upon
executing Apache it stalls in the DOS window.&nbsp; The error log get
these 4 lines:<br>
<font size=2><br>
[un Feb 29 09:37:44 2004] [notice] Parent: Created child process
[Sun Feb 29 09:37:44 2004] [notice] Child -1457741: Child process is
[Sun Feb 29 09:37:44 2004] [notice] Child -1457741: Acquired the start
[Sun Feb 29 09:37:44 2004] [notice] Child -1457741: Starting 250 worker
We have made some progress getting the right IP address set.&nbsp; I
uninstalled ZoneAlarm.&nbsp; I need to get Apache running with PHP.&nbsp;
Any ideas?&nbsp; --G<br>
<b><i>Daniel Guido &lt;;</i></b>


<dd>there is DEFINETELY a win32 mysql. you can go check yourself at <br>

<dd><a href="" eudora="autourl"></a>.
it is highly reccommended if youre running anything but <br>

<dd>a gigantic database for the likes of AT&amp;T. there are also PLENTY of <br>

<dd>install guides for apache/mysql/php/win32 installs on the net (search <br>

<dd>google). the problem could be with your isp blocking port 80. try to <br>

<dd>disable the firewall software on your machine as best as possible and <br>

<dd>run over to a security scanner like the one at and scan your <br>

<dd>computer. if port 80 comes back as open, your isp doesnt block it.<br><br>

<dd>post the full contents of your config file. and once you think you have <br>

<dd>your server running try to go to <a href="" eudora="autourl"></a>
and see if it comes <br>

<dd>up. then ask a friend to go to your ip address, which looks like <br>

<dd><a href="" eudora="autourl"></a>
. if the 127... doesnt work then its a problem <br>

<dd>with YOUR config file. if your friend cant reach your ip address, its a <br>

<dd>problem with letting port 80 through.<br><br>

<dd>if i didnt answer any of your problems, post your problems again because <br>

<dd>theyre a little hazy.<br><br>

<dd>Steven Pierce wrote:<br>

<dd>&gt; George,<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; OK.. lets get one thing working at a time. I am not sure that MySQL <br>

<dd>&gt; will run on a Win<br>

<dd>&gt; machine. I believe that it is only Linux, but I am not 100% on that. <br>

<dd>&gt; Did you ever check<br>

<dd>&gt; with your ISP (By phone or Email) that they do not block port 80?? <br>

<dd>&gt; Sorry if you already<br>

<dd>&gt; answered this, but it seems like there is a long pause between when you

<dd>&gt; answer sometimes.<br>

<dd>&gt; I understand that you are busy also. Not trying to be mean.<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; OK.. so by turning off your firewall, did not stop apache from seeing <br>

<dd>&gt; the net. Do you<br>

<dd>&gt; get the page that shows you that apache is running?? If you open a <br>

<dd>&gt; brower and type in<br>

<dd>&gt; localhost what do you see?? If you do not see the test page, then you <br>

<dd>&gt; are not getting anything<br>

<dd>&gt; install, and no one outside will see it anyway.<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; Steven<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; *********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; On 2/28/2004 at 8:02 PM George Boston wrote:<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; Steven: Absent ZoneAlarm, no help. I'm at a loss. I might try<br>

<dd>&gt; going thru httpd.conf and consider every entry. I could sstart all<br>

<dd>&gt; over downloading Apache then php. When one downloads the source and<br>

<dd>&gt; compile, do you get to see the coding?? (silly question). --G<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; */George Boston /* wrote:<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; Steven: I'm doing some things for the Parkinson's Foundation;<br>

<dd>&gt; setting up a web site to evaluate alternate therapies for PD. <br>

<dd>&gt; The process is to accumulate answers to questions about the<br>

<dd>&gt; therapies (testimonials) and make them available for<br>

<dd>&gt; viewers. So, there is an accumulation phase into a database,<br>

<dd>&gt; then a display phase. I was working in FrontPage with ACCESS DB<br>

<dd>&gt; when a friend revealed that not everyone has ACCESS. <br>

<dd>&gt; Furthermore, my computer would have to have server duties. <br>

<dd>&gt; Hence, MySQL, PHP &amp; Apache combination is a vast improvement. <br>

<dd>&gt; So what do I want with Apache? I want to learn it and use it!! <br>

<dd>&gt; Ditto PHP. SQL I think I can handle. --G<br>

<dd>&gt; PS: I tried de-activating ZoneAlarm with no change in Apache,<br>

<dd>&gt; I'll try uninstalling it!<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; */* wrote:<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; A Static IP is one that is issued to you from your ISP. If<br>

<dd>&gt; you had one you would know what it is. Trying to run a web<br>

<dd>&gt; server on a line that does not have a Static IP is not very<br>

<dd>&gt; easy. With a non static IP your IP address can change every<br>

<dd>&gt; 24 hours, or once a week depending on your ISP.<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; Why are you installing Apache? Ignore my other message.<br>

<dd>&gt; <br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; -----Original Message-----<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; From: George Boston [<a href=""

<dd>&gt; &gt; Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 02:08 PM<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; To: 'Steven Pierce'<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Subject: Re: questions...<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Steven: I got the 2.0.48 version of Apache from ,<br>

<dd>&gt; version: Win32 binary (MSI installer), exact name: Apache<br>

<dd>&gt; 2.0.48 -Win32-x86-NO SSI.MSI [PGP] [MO5]. I don't know what<br>

<dd>&gt; is a static IP?? My PC runs Microsoft Office, email and<br>

<dd>&gt; general purpose operations. I am attaching ReadMe and<br>

<dd>&gt; License files. --G<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Steven Pierce wrote: OK.. you will need (a must) have a<br>

<dd>&gt; DNS point to use the web server to point to your machine. If<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; not then you will be hard pressed to get the traffic you<br>

<dd>&gt; are looking for. OK.. the fact that it is stalling tells<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; me that it is not pointing to the right point. How did<br>

<dd>&gt; you install it?? What version of the Apache are you<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; running?? Where did you download it from?? Do you have a<br>

<dd>&gt; machine that you run Apache ONLY ON??<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Do you have a static IP address, or is it shared??<br>

<dd>&gt; (static __ shared changes from time to time)<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; *********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; On 2/25/2004 at 3:57 PM George Boston wrote:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; George Boston wrote:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Steven: I'm running Windows ME. I do not want to share<br>

<dd>&gt; the server duties with NEXX. Following is info; NEXX, the<br>

<dd>&gt; config file entry, WINIPCFG output, &amp; error log. When<br>

<dd>&gt; starting up Apache it processes for a bit then stalls?? --G<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; PS: What is can I send you?<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; NEXX.COM:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Yes, port 80 is open. Port 80 is used for the following<br>

<dd>&gt; internet protocols:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; www 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; www 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; www-http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; www-http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Conf\httpd:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Listen<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; WINIPCFG:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Host name:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; DNS server:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Node type: broadcast<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Ethernet adapter info: Realtek 8139-series PCI MIC<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Adapter address: 00-E0-4C-DA-F1<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; IP address:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Subnet mask:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Dejault gateway:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; DHCCP server:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; Error.log:<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Parent: Created child<br>

<dd>&gt; process -1458413<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Child -1458413: Child<br>

<dd>&gt; process is running<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Child -1458413:<br>

<dd>&gt; Acquired the start mutex.<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt; [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Child -1458413:<br>

<dd>&gt; Starting 250 worker threads.<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; &gt;<br>

<dd>&gt; <br><br>


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</dl>ken easson<br><br><br>
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