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From "Glynn, Matthew" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache 2.0.48 running mod_auth_ldap
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 14:14:30 GMT
            I've been trying to build an apache 2.0.48 server on Windows
2000 SP4. I have installed the web server and configured it to the website
directories. I can bring the website up and browse it when I do not have
security being utilized but when I start to try and use the
the website will not function properly. The apache web server starts but
when I try and bring up the site it will not handle any of the LDAP security
checks and returns "The page can not be displayed".


            This website is currently running apache 1.3.26 and it currently
utilizing the auth_ldap.dll. I am trying to upgrade this to Apache 2.0.X
version. I've looked over the documentation for the module online and am
curious to know do you still need to add the Netscape LDAP driver dll's into
the modules folder and if so which versions if they have changed.


            In regards to the the LDAP references I have listed in my
httpd.conf file in my 1.3.26 version as following


    AuthName "Restricted Area"

    AuthType Basic

    AuthLDAPAuthoritative on


    require group cn=ereports_entry_prod  


Since I am assuming I'll be moving away from the auth_ldap.dll to the will there be any lines that will not be needed or be


Matt Glynn


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