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From "Steven Pierce" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: questions...
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 05:08:59 GMT

OK.. lets get one thing working at a time.  I am not sure that MySQL will run on a Win
machine.  I believe that it is only Linux, but I am not 100% on that.  Did you ever check
with your ISP (By phone or Email) that they do not block port 80??  Sorry if you already
answered this, but it seems like there is a long pause between when you answer sometimes.
I understand that you are busy also.  Not trying to be mean.

OK.. so by turning off  your firewall, did not stop apache from seeing the net.  Do you
get the page that shows you that apache is running??  If you open a brower and type in
localhost what do you see??  If you do not see the test page, then you are not getting anything
install, and no one outside will see it anyway.


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On 2/28/2004 at 8:02 PM George Boston wrote:
Steven:  Absent ZoneAlarm, no help.  I'm at a loss.  I might try going thru httpd.conf and
consider every entry.  I could sstart all over downloading Apache then php.  When one downloads
the source and compile, do you get to see the coding??  (silly question).  --G

George Boston <> wrote: 
Steven:  I'm doing some things for the Parkinson's Foundation; setting up a web site to evaluate
alternate therapies for PD.  The process is to accumulate answers to questions about the therapies
(testimonials) and make them available for viewers.  So, there is an accumulation phase into
a database, then a display phase.  I was working in FrontPage with ACCESS DB when a friend
revealed that not everyone has ACCESS.  Furthermore, my computer would have to have server
duties.  Hence, MySQL, PHP & Apache combination is a vast improvement.  So what do I want
with Apache?  I want to learn it and use it!!  Ditto PHP.  SQL I think I can handle.  --G
PS: I tried de-activating ZoneAlarm with no change in Apache, I'll try uninstalling it! wrote:

A Static IP is one that is issued to you from your ISP. If you had one you would know what
it is. Trying to run a web server on a line that does not have a Static IP is not very easy.
With a non static IP your IP address can change every 24 hours, or once a week depending on
your ISP.

Why are you installing Apache? Ignore my other message.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: George Boston []
> Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 02:08 PM
> To: 'Steven Pierce'
> Subject: Re: questions...
> Steven: I got the 2.0.48 version of Apache from , version: Win32 binary (MSI installer),
exact name: Apache 2.0.48 -Win32-x86-NO SSI.MSI [PGP] [MO5]. I don't know what is a static
IP?? My PC runs Microsoft Office, email and general purpose operations. I am attaching ReadMe
and License files. --G
> Steven Pierce wrote: OK.. you will need (a must) have a DNS point to use the web server
to point to your machine. If
> not then you will be hard pressed to get the traffic you are looking for. OK.. the fact
that it is stalling tells
> me that it is not pointing to the right point. How did you install it?? What version
of the Apache are you
> running?? Where did you download it from?? Do you have a machine that you run Apache
> Do you have a static IP address, or is it shared?? (static __ shared changes
from time to time)
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> On 2/25/2004 at 3:57 PM George Boston wrote:
> George Boston wrote:
> Steven: I'm running Windows ME. I do not want to share the server duties with NEXX. Following
is info; NEXX, the config file entry, WINIPCFG output, & error log. When starting up Apache
it processes for a bit then stalls?? --G
> PS: What is can I send you?
> Yes, port 80 is open. Port 80 is used for the following internet protocols:
> http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
> http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP
> www 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
> www 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP
> www-http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
> www-http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP
> Conf\httpd:
> Listen
> Host name:
> DNS server:
> Node type: broadcast
> Ethernet adapter info: Realtek 8139-series PCI MIC
> Adapter address: 00-E0-4C-DA-F1
> IP address:
> Subnet mask:
> Dejault gateway:
> DHCCP server:
> Error.log:
> [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Parent: Created child process -1458413
> [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Child -1458413: Child process is running
> [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Child -1458413: Acquired the start mutex.
> [Wed Feb 25 14:36:53 2004] [notice] Child -1458413: Starting 250 worker threads.

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