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Subject RE: [users@httpd] SSI from cgi output
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 22:43:40 GMT
Thanks for the info.

Ok, I have a few questions.

I am trying to use SSI on the output of qmailadmin.  Qmailadmins url is as
so: http://localhost/cgi-bin/qmailadmin.  How do you tell Apache 2 that you
want the output from this cgi program parsed.  Apache requires that you tell
it what extensions to parse.  Qmailadmin doesn't have an extension.  I added
this line to httpd.conf:

AddOutputFilter INCLUDES *

That should tell Apache to parse all files.  That isn't really what I want,
but I am trying things to see if I can get it working.  It doesn't work

I added XBitHack on to httpd.conf also and put an execute bit on the html
file that I want parsed, but that doesn't work because Apache just sees
http://localhost/cgi-bin/qmailadmin in the url so it won't parse it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 8:05 PM
Subject: RE: [users@httpd] SSI from cgi output

>Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 18:38:28 -0600
>Will Apache 2.0 process SSI commands on the output of a cgi program?
><!--#include virtual="/"-->
>Patrick Liechty

Hi Patrick..

Yes!  Sure it will.  I've recently played with a number of usages for this 
and found it to be quite flexible so far.

Of course you have to have all things in order for it to go down 
successfully though, otherwise you'll likely see alot of error 
messages(which for me was cool but not good enough).  I found this 
bookmarked page to be particularly helpful in the matter:

It has a full search feature so you can get a search on "SSI" for an 
abundance of info there.

mod_include provides functionality that you might be interested in:

Here's a bit about my situation:

1. For me, because of the particular implementation of CGI and SSI that I 
was using, -I first needed to make sure Apache itself was going to let this 
sort of scheme be honored in the first place.  Otherwise I would be trying 
something that would inevitably be unsuccessful(because of "rights" or 
whatever but I don't really know about that I just know that I needed to 
specifically allow the stuff to be able to happen over Apache).

2. Next, for me anyway, was to make sure I had the whole SSI scheme in my 
HTML proper as well... -like am I even using the right directives and syntax

for the SSI command..  I tell you what it was pretty easy for me to send 
commands that would produce coherent and visible error messages(but then 
again I at least knew that SOMETHING was right.. -just not the command).

3. Or WAS the command right?  Well, for me I didn't know because the cgi 
programs I was using were untested programs that I had just built(in C).  
So, of course not knowing much about the logistics of whether my program was

even proper or not I really couldn't tell if errors were being generated by 
a problem in the SSI part, or a problem in the CGI part..

Eventually I stumbled upon this command and quickly realized how this would 
isolate the CGI program from the equation so as to let me see only the SSI 
stuff in action:
<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" -->

..using this command was a tremendous help in assuring me that the SSI stuff

was setup and working properly.

After alot of hashing over various angles of this whole scheme I definately 
recommend trying to isolate the pieces of the puzzle so-to-speak.  I spent 
quite a bit of time wondering WHAT was wrong, without a definitive way to 
troubleshoot it.

My biggest lesson I guess was realizing that none of it was ever successful 
though until I just flatout "got up to my elbows" with it..

See what you can come up with then post back if you're running into 
problems.  I'm a true newbie myself but I'm sure alot of the experienced 
users could know how to diagnose issues well if you run into specific 
problems.  Good luck with that.

I found some other info that might end-up pertaining to your situation..


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