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From Danny Scott <>
Subject [users@httpd] rewrite rules help
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 18:39:04 GMT
We have an application server listening to port 8080. The app
server cannot listen to any other port. We need a way to have
requests sent to port 8081 transparently redirected to port 8080.
I am thinking a rewrite rule possibly with a combination of a reverse
proxy might be the answer. This is above my level of expertise and
any guidance would be appreciated. I will enclose part of my httpd.conf
file that I have modified below. Currently when I telnet to port 8080
and do a "GET / HTTP/1.0" followed by a couple of carriage returns
the app server answers with what I expect. If I do the same to port
8081 I get some output back from apache but nothing from the app
server. If I use my browser to go to port 8081 on this server it does
redirect me to port 8080 and everything looks fine. I need this to work
on the app server level though. Again any help would be very much
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   ^/(.*)$1
ProxyPass / <> 
ProxyPassReverse / <> 

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