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From "Satya Narayan Dash" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Session Loss: Apache 2.0.47
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 16:32:28 GMT
Please help me to debug this. I did not get any reply for my previous query.<BR>
I am havinng Apache 2.0.47 with Tomcat 4.1.27.( connector: mod_jk )<BR>
I am making some POST requests via some servlets. The scenario is like this.<BR>
Class A --&gt; invokes Servelt1 (HttpURLConnection is used)<BR>
It gets the session id.<BR>
&nbsp; HttpServletRequest's getSession(true) is used and then I am getting the <BR>
&nbsp; id --&gt; by HttpSession's getId().<BR>
and with that id invokes another servlet, Servlet2<BR>
But in the doPost() method of the Servlet2, the session id is getting <BR>
changed.&nbsp; [here session is by getSession() method, so the session should remain the<BR>
same,i.e, the current session.]<BR>
However, the session id remains the same for apache 2.0.40 + tomcat 4.1.27 (mod_jk).<BR>
Hence this is&nbsp; not a problem with the ServletEngine, rather with Apache.<BR>
I am using JRE1.4.2, hence the user-agent in the header is Java\1.4.2.<BR>
I do not know how it is getting changed. In the access_log, the invovcation prints<BR>
the correct jsessionid, however in the mod_jk it is getting changed, while doing an unmarshalling.
Is it a bug or am I making any configuration mistake??<BR>
Please help.<BR>

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