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From taxali <>
Subject [users@httpd] A HARD ONE: Restricting access.log to contain only passwd protected docs
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 05:57:21 GMT
Hi All,
I'm using Apache 1.3.19 on a Windows 2000 box to host an intranet site. I would like to restrict
what is logged in access.log. Specifically, I only want to log those requests that attempt
to access authenticated resources, ie password protected documents.
I've tried using multiple SetEnvIf commands but none seem to work:

SetEnvIf Remote_User "-" dontlog
SetEnvIf Remote_User "" dontlog
SetEnvIf Remote_User "^\w" dontlog
followed by ->
CustomLog logs/access.log common env=!dontlog

All these seem to print out every request!!
Any help will be much appreciated

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