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From Lodrö Sangpo Joergen Larsen <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Password Sets for Each Website
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 19:58:39 GMT
I am not sure but how about trying to use groups. have each site be a different group and then
require the user to be in a specific group.?

Many Greetings Viele Gruesse Mange Hilsener
Lodrö Sangpo Joergen Larsen
Karmapa Chenno

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: David 
  To: HTTP Server Users 
  Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 6:45 PM
  Subject: [users@httpd] Password Sets for Each Website 

  Hi guys,


  Currently I know how implement simple authentication with my HTTP Server.

  I uses the .htaccess and the password file to do it. 

  Basically I added some lines in the config file like the following 


  <Directory "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/htdocs/ABC">


              Options None

              AllowOverride AuthConfig



  and in the ABC folder I have a .htaccess file as follows


  AuthUserFile "C:\.htpasswd"

  AuthName "Protected"

  AuthType Basic

  Require valid-user





  Currently I have some 6 websites on my server which I like to have password  protection.
All these 6 protected websites share the same "C:\.htpasswd". The folder ABC is just one of
the 6 websites. There are 5 other folder in parallel to the ABC folders which are also protected
websites with the similar configuration lines as above. 

  All these 6 websites are using the same sets of ID and passwords. However, what I want is
actually only a particular set of IDs can access a particular website (i.e. one of the 6).


  What should I do such that I can create websites where only a specific set of users can
access a particular protected website and cannot access other protected website. 

  Currently all users with an ID and password in the "C:\.htpasswd" can access all my 6 websites
(which is not really what I want). 


  Many thanks for your time and attention.






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