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From Peter Bissmire <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Browser access to Apache on W2k hangs.
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2003 07:31:40 GMT

I have been running Apache on Windoze boxes for
a few years.

Can I suggest you first go back to square one.
Install your Apache with "dum" answers to any installer questions
and using your machine's basic name (DNS A entry).

You should then get the Apache default page.

Once this is working, you can tinker with config, one change at a time.
That way you narrow the field for your investigations
and can see which change breaks it.

One possible clue:- Have you got a DNS alias entry for "private"?
It looks like you have if you can ping it.
Have you tried asking your browser to get or
With the default config, this should work without DNS.

You also need correct settings for DocumentRoot and
directory access settings. The default config. gives this to you
for Apache's default page.

Depending on the exact nature of a problem,
some browsers can hang on for several minutes before giving up.
If you go and have a coffee, you might find a message giving some clue.
At least you will then see whether the server has responded
or the browser has given up in desperation.

Hope that helps
Peter Bissmire

"Llelan D." wrote:

> I have installed the binary Apache 2.0.47 on a Win2KPro machine named
> "Private" ( on a local private TCP/IP network. I specified
> "Private" as both the domain and server name. I can ping both "Private" and
> "localhost". No other server is running and netstat shows no listeners on port
> 80 before Apache is started. The Windows services monitor and the Apache
> monitor shows that the Apache service is up-and-running.
> When I try to access Apache with any browser from the same machine using the
> address "http://Private/" or "http://localhost/", the page never loads and the
> browser is forever stuck in the "loading" state for that page. This doesn't
> actually hang the browser, as it can load other pages, but it will never
> finish loading the Apache page nor does it display any error or timeout message.
> If I stop Apache and start IIS, things work fine. Neither the error log nor
> the access log have any error messages. The access log remains blank, and the
> error log only has the normal stop and start messages. There are no Apache
> entries in the Windows event logs.
> Does anyone have any idea what is going on, why I never get an error message
> on either the server or client side, and what tool I can use to find out why
> the page is never sent? It seems I connect just fine (netstat shows the TCP
> connection to port 80), but that no data is being sent. However, I never get a
> timeout.
> Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated.
> Some related httpd.conf entries:
>      ServerRoot "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2"
>      Listen 80
>      ServerName Private:80
> The error.log:
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:34 2003] [notice] Parent: Received shutdown signal --
> Shutting down the server.
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:34 2003] [notice] Child 4492: Exit event signaled.
> Child process is ending.
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:35 2003] [notice] Child 4492: Released the start mutex
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:36 2003] [notice] Child 4492: Waiting for 250 worker
> threads to exit.
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:36 2003] [notice] Child 4492: All worker threads have
> exited.
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:36 2003] [notice] Child 4492: Child process is exiting
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:36 2003] [notice] Parent: Child process exited
> successfully.
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:41 2003] [notice] Parent: Created child process 120
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:41 2003] [notice] Child 120: Child process is running
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:41 2003] [notice] Child 120: Acquired the start mutex.
>      [Sat Oct 18 16:09:41 2003] [notice] Child 120: Starting 250 worker threads.
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